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Imagine stepping out of your shower or bathtub and stepping directly into your bedroom. With a dripping body and small water puddles forming at every step of yours, your room will get messy in no time. Almost like a throwback to childhood, right? But with adulting, our senses also arrive, and having a dirty and wet room is a solid invitation to accidents waiting to happen.

For such times, we have our little savior known as bath mats. Bath mats soak up the excess water that drips from your body after you come out of the shower on the bathroom floor so that you don’t slip. Many times, we overlook this little helper and take it for granted. 

In the olden days, women would make these floor mats with the help of their discarded sarees. But now, with time and technology, you’ll find a range of advanced and feature-rich bathroom mats online

So if you’re looking to buy bath mats online, here are five steps to check off your process while buying shower mats. 


The Colour and aesthetic of the mat play an important role in home furnishing. You should especially take a double check on the colours if you’re looking for bathmats online for your new or renovated home. 

The best choices of colours for foot mats for the bathroom are darker and subtle shades that don’t look extremely dirty once used. Hence, opt for navy blues or reds or browns. Make sure you choose a color that does not bleed and fade away soon.


If you’re buying bath mats online, it is essential to check the measurement of the mat before you buy. With the help of a measuring tape, measure and understand what size bathmat you would require. 

Make sure not to get tricked with the presentation in photos and check the size before buying. The international standard measure of bathmat is 60 x 40 cm.


Another most important feature to check while buying bathroom mats is to check if they have a good grip. When you have kids, a wet bathroom comes free. With them splashing water all around the house, you can’t afford them to slip on the water. Hence, opt for high-quality anti-slip bathroom mats. 


Just like your towels and napkins, you have to check on the fibre with which the bath mat is made. You’ll find a wide variety of bath mats in the market that come in various materials like cotton, polyester, and even microfiber.

While cotton is a great and efficient choice, microfiber is the most absorbing material and skin-friendly.

Care Instruction

It’s a good practice to wash your bath mats from time to time. Hence always check for the instruction label on the bathmat. If you can’t machine wash the simple math, it adds to your work. But if you avoid cleaning a bathroom mat, it may release a foul smell and invite bacterial infections after a while. 

Due to being damp, choosing a map with low maintenance should be the key most of the time. 

You can now check out a wide range of bath mats online at Portico India. Their wide variety of colours and patterns will lighten up your bathrooms and also keep your loved ones safe.

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