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Bringing inspiration to a workspace can help create a more dynamic and exciting work environment. Plus, it can also provide a boost of motivation, engagement, and even collaboration among team members. Encouraging a more inspirational workspace can often be as simple as implementing new strategies, such as promoting co-working spaces and giving fun employee gifts. Here are five ways you can cultivate a more inspiring workspace for your team.

Liven Up the Office with Plants

Livening up the office can be as easy as adding more plant life to the work environment. For many people, a collection of plants can help them feel more relaxed and possibly even more energized. It’s also a convenient way to spruce up the design of your workspace. While houseplants are a common choice, other options like cacti, succulents, and low-maintenance flowering plants are an excellent way to mix things up. Plus, a little bit of extra color in the workspace can’t hurt!

Choose a Variety of Awards and Gifts for Team Members

Recognizing and rewarding your team’s accomplishments and contributions can help make the individual members feel valued and appreciated. That kind of appreciation for their loyalty to the organization can certainly lead to a more inspired and engaged team. Creating a varied selection of awards for your team members, including fun, meaningful employee appreciation gifts, is an ideal way to show them that you recognize their hard work. Opportunities to give employee awards could be meeting sales goals, celebrating work anniversaries, or even acknowledging those who inspire their team members and raise morale.

Make an Event Out of Your Next Awards Ceremony

Give your team a boost of inspiration by making an event out of your next awards ceremony. Consider holding the ceremony at a fun or formal venue. You could treat the team to dinner at a fine dining restaurant, enjoy something more interactive like an escape room or mini golf, or have fun at a combination of fun and fancy with a mystery dinner theater event. Best of all, team members can get in on the fun by presenting each other tongue-in-cheek gifts and awards based on hobbies, habits, and inside jokes.

Promote Co-Working Spaces and Quiet Areas

There are plenty of sources of inspiration for different people in different situations. For instance, collaborative teamwork is well-known as an effective way to contribute to interpersonal inspiration. In other scenarios, inspiration is best created by the opportunity to quietly think and work alone. That’s why it makes sense for a business to establish both co-working spaces for collaboration and quiet areas for more undisturbed work. That way, all your team members have the resources they need to feel inspired.

Establish a Lounging and Relaxation Area

Sometimes the best way to channel inspiration is to take a step back and recharge. Unplugging from work and having the opportunity to unwind and decompress is often just the thing to spark creativity and motivation. Encouraging that capacity to relax and focus in a workspace means setting up areas for lounging and relaxation with comfortable furniture and a generally soothing environment. Simple strategies for cultivating a dynamic, inspiring workplace like these are likely to be worth it.

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