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Living without a hand sanitizer in your bag or your pocket these days is rather unthinkable, is it not? With the pandemic bringing hand hygiene into renewed focus, hand sanitizers and lotions have become a part and parcel of our lives. And with so many options available to choose from in the market, one rarely pays attention to the kind of hand sanitizer one is using or, for that matter, its ingredients.    

This is especially true when you buy sanitizer online, where the one on the top of your search results or the one with the heftiest discount finds its way to your cart and into your life. But have you ever stopped to wonder that the hand sanitizer you are actually using at the moment is not good enough? Well, if you love your hands, your skin and your health, then asking such a question is important. 

And the answer to the question can be found in these 5 things that indicate the unreliability of your current hand sanitizer:

Here 5 Things That Indicate Your Hand Sanitizer Isn't Good Enough

  1. It is sticky…eh!

Truth be told, a certain amount of hand sanitizer stickiness is expected and often goes away within seconds of proper hand rubbing. However, if it persists even after application, then either the sanitizer has expired or it contains nasty ingredients that should not be there!

  1. It turns your skin into a desert

Most protective hand sanitizers contain alcohol in order to provide that quick, efficient disinfecting effect. However, alcohol is to the skin as the sun is to the pond – a big dehydrating agent. If your hand sanitizer does not moisturise your skin, then it is probably not good enough. However, the safest hand sanitizer products in the market contain both alcohol and other moisturising elements to balance out the dryness. Some are even water-based, making them very light-weight, while others have nourishing ingredients that restore the suppleness of the skin of your hand – even after repeated use. 

  1. It leaves behind a nasty surprise

If you have been noticing that your hands become red or itchy or develop a rash after using the hand sanitizer, then it might contain elements that flare up your skin or trigger an allergy. This could also be observed in people who have eczema as a below par hand sanitizer will make the symptoms worse and lead to a breakout. 

  1. It kills germs – or does it?

When you buy sanitizer online, there is a good chance that you come across hand sanitizer gel or spray or cream advertisements that claim to kill all germs up to an astonishing level. However, how do you know whether that is the case or not? According to CDC, any good quality hand sanitizer that is effective at killing germs (and not just at inhibiting their growth) should have at least 60% alcohol content. If yours does not, then it might be time to reconsider it. 

  1. It protects – but only for a moment 

If you have a hand sanitizer that you have to use time and time again just to restore its protective shield on your hand, then it is probably not as effective or strong as it should be. The safest hand sanitizer is actually one that provides the longest protection in just a single drop, like the Just Human sanitizer that provides 24 hour protection. So, do your research and choose the most potent, long-lasting and skin-friendly hand sanitizer. 

Now that you know whether your hand sanitizer is good enough or not, we hope that you make the right choice next time! 


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