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5 Things To Consider Before Designing a Logo

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Logos have a long history of representing businesses. Doesn't matter if you are a small or an established business, you need a logo to represent your company. It is crucial to take your time and come up with something unique that exactly represents your company. You might be thinking why getting a logo from the best logo design company is important. Well, for starters, customers associate that design with your business as you get an identity among the audience.

If you do not want to end up looking like a used tissue then a logo is more crucial than you think. Not only this, but a logo is an entity all its own and helps in sending a powerful message to everyone and even your competitors. Everything you do, is associated with that one image as it represents you more than a salesperson at a networking event ever could. Many businesses take it as a crucial step and logo design in Saudi Arabia is very common as it helps in attracting the audience. So, if you want to avoid a design catastrophe we suggest you keep the following 5 things in mind before designing a logo.

  1. Your Company's History
    There's a story behind every company and that separates them from the rest in industry. So, while designing a logo, emphasise on your company's history to come up with something unique. For instance, McDonald’s uses golden arches because that was in their original architecture and KFC still uses the image of the Colonel Sanders that founded and cooked their famous recipe. That's why it is suggested to hire the best logo design company so their experts can learn more about your company's history and come up with the exact and effective logo that represents your business. 

  2. The Psychology of Colour
    Colour is probably the biggest element in a logo and you also need to consider it in the same way. It's the colour that determines how people perceive your logo and it can easily help you increase your brand recognition upto 80 percent across the board. Every shade has something to say and that's why taking help of experts with the logo design in Saudi Arabia is best. 
  1. Simplicity and Proportion
    As mentioned, a logo needs to have many elements correct in order to be successful. And simplicity and proportion are the two elements that you also need to take care of. And as per our experience in the field, simple and easy logos are often more effective as compared to detailed ones. The simpler the design and the proportion, the more likely it is to achieve the golden ratio among the audience.
  1. Font
    We have seen many serious mishaps with typefaces in the past. And these mistakes have and can completely destroy your marketing campaign. A poor font choice leads to a serious miscommunication and that's why researching well prior choosing which font will work for you is quite important while designing your logo. You want to make sure it's legible with your design. 
  1. Visual Appeal
    Visual appeal works better than the words and a logo is basically the potential client's first impression of you. So, if your logo is poorly designed or confusing then the audience won't trust in your business and you will lose instead of gaining something. So, visual appeal should also be your priority while designing a logo. 


These are the 5 things to consider before designing a logo. We hope it will be helpful for you while designing a logo for your business.

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