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The Cayman Islands is a popular tropical paradise amongst tourists and it’s really no wonder why that is. The three islands in this territory are fraught with natural wonders, friendly locals, a unique culture, award-winning beaches, numerous excursions, and so much more!

Grand Cayman in particular (the largest and most popular island of the three) is an exceptional location for both tourists and locals to explore and enjoy. One location in particular that boasts serenity amongst various experiences in Earth’s grandeur is Rum Point. So, if you are considering properties for sale in Rum Point, just know you are close to living in a dream-like paradise!

Where Is Rum Point?
Rum Point is located at the northern tip of Grand Cayman. There, you can find stellar beaches amongst true tranquility. The beach is loved by locals and visitors alike for its stunning beauty. As an added bonus, it has free entry, free parking, and is family-friendly!

5 Things to Do in and Near Rum Point
Fortunately, there is a great deal to experience both in and around Rum Point that is worthy of your exploration! Here are just five great things to do in and near Rum Point.

1.Lounge on the White Sand Beach
The #1 thing to do at Rum Point is to rest, relax, and enjoy the beach of course! This sandy beach is, after all, one of the best in the whole Caribbean! You can lay in a hammock, receive a beachside massage, and/or enjoy a delectable, fresh lunch or dinner at Wreck Bar or the Rum Point Club Restaurant. What’s not to love about that already?

2.Indulge in Water Sports and Activities
While you’re at Rum Point, there is an abundance of water sports and activities that you can get into! While you can’t go scuba diving or snorkeling right in Rum Point (not that it’s unsafe; there’s just nothing to see!), you can do so very nearby. The North Wall and East End both offer daily scuba diving and snorkeling trips!

If you’d rather stay atop the water, there’s plenty for you as well! You can rent paddle boards, kayaks, catamarans, and/or sailboats at your convenience.

3.Have a Life-Changing Experience at Bioluminescent Bay
If you are looking for a truly fascinating and life-altering experience, then you definitely will have to check out Bioluminescent Bay! Being just a 4-minute drive away (just over 1 mile!), you can arrive and witness nature at its finest. Under the night sky, you can witness bioluminescent phytoplankton gather and illuminate the water. It’s dream-like, so yes, it’s an absolute must-do!

4.Explore Stingray City
Stingray City holds several shallow sandbars amongst crystal clear water, which are typically riddled with friendly stingrays! There, you can swim amongst these peaceful, majestic, and curious creatures.

There are several ways for you to enjoy the mystical views at Stingray City. You can go on a prepared tour or take it a step further by renting a glass-bottom boat or catamaran. Either way, you can head out via the pier and be there in just 15 short minutes.

5.Visit the Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park
The Queen Elizabeth II Botanic Park is just a 15-minute drive (just under 9 miles) where visitors can go and admire gorgeous flora and fauna. This park includes a plethora of unique plants and animals found only on the Cayman Islands, a 2-mile lake, and several other intriguing exhibits.

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