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5 things you need to know about ShowFest

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The future of live Bollywood entertainment is here. ShowFest is a membership program that offers exciting experiences every year plus additional benefits throughout the year and is a great way to see your favourite artists from Bollywood live. In this article, you’ll learn about five things you need to know about ShowFest.


1) What is ShowFest?

ShowFest is your membership to a live entertainment platform. It’s a revolutionary way of attending Bollywood live events and gaining access to members-only offers throughout the year. Access live Bollywood concerts and experiences across North America. Gain access to 7 Live Bollywood experiences from your favourite artists


2) Benefits of being a member:


There are many perks of being a member, including exclusive access pass opportunities, early access to special events and a growing list of annual members-only benefits. Here are a few of them.

  1. 5 Live Experiences with Preselected spots
  2. 2 Music Festivals
  3. Enjoy the complimentary movie nights in the theatres, download your e-movie cash

    Certificates from ShowFestmovie.com

  1. Loyalty Partner Access
  2. Virtual Experiences
  3. Entry to Weekly Jackpot
  4. Entry to Mega Jackpot
  5. Apply for Virtual Reality Show
  6. ShowFest Coins


3) Exclusive access:

Members will have exclusive access to behind-the-scenes experiences, and more at the live events. And if there are certain artists that hold a special place in your heart, now’s your chance to meet them. What better way to learn their stories than from sitting next to them? You never know who you might run into when you become a member of ShowFest!


4) Rewards:

While there are a number of rewards that we offer to our members, ShowFest prides itself on its flexible rewards program. As a member of ShowFest, you can choose from over seven experiences and more benefits throughout your membership period. Members also have access to perks such as discounts, priority seating and invitations to exclusive behind the scenes interactions with all your favourite artists, ShowFest coins, and referral rewards.


5) How can I get my access passes?

If you are interested in being a member, go to our website www.ShowFest.com and click on memberships. Once there you will find information on how our program works, what kind of memberships we offer and where they can be used. You can also call on +1352 226 1319 for more assistance.



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