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Vapers or electronic cigarettes are devices available in different shapes that release nicotine through the resistance heating of a liquid mixture. The main ingredients of this mixture include propylene glycol, vegetable glycerin, and edible flavoring liquids. That is to say that the one who ‘vapes’ does not swallow smoke but steam. You can start from a starter kit if you want to start vaping. You can buy online vape starter kits favorable for beginners and veteran vapers alike. If you are confused about starting vaping, keep reading this blog, which is a basic guide for those who want to start vaping.

Tips For Starting Vaping

Look at the following tips as a basic guide that will help you start vaping.

1. At The Outset: READ

Read a lot about vaping before starting. Do not start buying the first vaping device you catch, or if you already have a device, do not start using it like crazy. It is good to find out as much as possible beforehand. Knowing what device and liquid and how much liquid in the device is suitable is necessary. You should also understand what nicotine level you should use. You can also vape without nicotine. You need to know everything about vaping.

2. Your First Purchase: Choose A Suitable One 

The first e-cigarette you buy will probably be the one that marks your opinion about these devices and your decision to continue using them or not. So, take a careful approach to choosing the suitable one.

Do not stick to the very first one you see. You can find many models to choose from. Remember that the more you read and explore, the better you will have.

If you do not want to do much reading, most people generally recommend a starter kit. These are smaller attractive models, and they may be the best to start vaping.

3. Cost-Effective Devices: Look At The Price

Many stores and websites put unreasonable prices on e-cigarettes, e-liquids, cartridges, refills, etc.

You can find starter kits (including a device with a battery, pod, and charger) for Rs.1,500 in Pakistan. Paying more than that for the first kit is not prudent. If you want other models, you can buy them online in Pakistan.

4. The First Order: Ask For The Basics 

To start using your e-cigarette, you need to know the following:.

  • Battery size is the most important, but the amperage, tank model, and consumption pattern all dictate how long your vaping device lasts. In general, you can enjoy 1,000 puffs with a 1100mAh battery. If you frequently vape or plan to use it all day, it is good to have 3 batteries (1 in use, 1 charging, and 1 in reserve).
  • You may need to replace the atomizer within 3 months. However, this duration depends on your vaping frequency and the temperature you choose.
  • Calculate that you can spend about 3-6 cartridges per day (for an average smoker and depending on the model), so buy spare. The most cost-effective thing is to buy e-liquids and fill the cartridges yourself.

5. When You Already Have The First E-Cig: Learn Slowly

Do not rush and learn everything. Remember that e-cigarettes are different from regular cigarettes. You will need some time to get into the vaping habit. It is best to watch demo videos.

  • Charge the battery well first.
  • You can burn the atomizer, so never use it without a cartridge with liquid.

Final Thoughts

If you see that something is not working as it should, do not be discouraged and ask before giving up. Maybe you are doing something wrong. Remember that e-cigarettes do not work the same for everyone. They are still a technology that is just beginning, so be patient. We hope this blog has helped you much if you want to start vaping. As mentioned earlier, the best approach is to buy a vape starter kit. Pak Vapes offers the best vape starter kit in Pakistan at a very affordable price. If you are a smoker, we also recommend you start vaping with the key purpose of getting rid of traditional tobacco smoking.



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