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1. Tighten the connecting parts
Although the walking tractor has been inspected by the factory when it leaves the factory, the machine will inevitably become loose in the process of repeated transfers. To this end, various connectors and fasteners should be tightened in time, especially the steering system, brake system, suspension and wheels.

2. Check the liquid level
Mainly the fuel tank oil level, water tank water level, transmission and rear axle lubricating oil level, and battery electrolyte level. When the liquid level is found to be insufficient, the liquid should be added in time.

3. Check the oil
The following items should be checked: (I) The amount of oil in the oil pan should not be less than the underline on the oil dipstick. (2) The quality of the oil: If the tractor is shipped out of the factory in the summer, but it is winter when it is bought, it should be replaced with winter oil; vice versa. (3) The switch of the oil filter on a large tractor should be switched to the “summer” or “winter” position according to the season or temperature. (4) In order to prevent the oil in the oil pan of the oil bath air filter from being spilled and polluting the car's volume during the transfer process, some manufacturers add it at the end of the factory, and pay attention to adding the oil after buying it.

4. Run-in
It is to make the new machine's speed from low to high and load from small to large, and through the gradual operation process, the machining marks on the friction surfaces such as gears and shafts are polished and become more seam. Running-in plays an important role in prolonging the service life of parts. Do not ignore the running-in process in order to save fuel and trouble. Otherwise, the parts will be damaged in advance due to small losses.

5. Listing
After the new tractor is bought back, the purchase invoice, certificate of conformity, instruction manual and other documents should be brought to the farm machinery and levy departments to go through the household procedures within 3 months. Driving on the road without a license is illegal and is punishable.


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