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Building a charm necklace takes you on a journey to places you’ve been, people you value most in life, and things that make your spirit sparkle. Charms tell your story in a meaningful way. They are the foundation of your personalized jewelry look. So, how do you go about choosing charms you’ll treasure for years to come?

First, think about starting your charm jewelry collection by looking at elegant, custom oval charms with a hand-stamped monogram as the focal point. From there, you can go anywhere. Mix and match other types of charms to expand upon your foundational piece. Let the following tips help guide and inspire you to tell your story, your way.

1. Meaningful Moments

High-quality, artisan-crafted charms are not only gorgeous to wear, they represent something you feel close to. Your charms should have significance for you. They may reflect milestones, family, pets, travels, adventures, and accomplishments. These are the memories you keep closest to your heart. Dates, initials, artwork, symbols, and even diamonds on your signature charms make for perfect pieces. Keep in mind that your charms will look the best on an equally beautiful chain. A 2mm gold chain in a length suitable for you is an excellent choice.

2. Signs in Nature

For those bonded to nature and who feel most at home in the mountains, on beaches, or simply your own backyard garden, there’s a charm waiting just for you. Look for handmade charms in all shapes and sizes, including three-dimensional designs that look beautiful from every angle. You’ll discover many wonderful nature charms in your search, including snowflakes, antlers, feathers, and sand dollars. The key is to pick pieces made with the highest level of craftsmanship, so they last forever.

3. You May Be My Lucky Charm

Whether you believe in luck or crafting your own destiny (or a little of both), charms often represent luck, love, protection, and guidance. Maybe your lucky charm represents good vibes, safe travels, or success at a job interview. Maybe it’s a symbol of good fortune or that you want to attract love into your life. Horseshoes, four-leaf clovers, and ladybugs are all classic examples of good luck charms. Objects from your past may also symbolize good luck. And, sometimes, lucky charms may come to you when you least expect it.

4. Oh, The Places You’ll Go

Some people create dream boards with images and quotes that help them visualize the goals they want to achieve. It’s a visual reminder designed to motivate you. Why not apply this same concept to a charm? Every year, you could choose a charm that expresses your goals, dreams, interests, or desires. Inspiration and motivation can come from anywhere, including your jewelry.

5. Appealing to Your Sense of Style

There’s no wrong or right way to go about choosing charms—it’s absolutely your form of personal expression. It may be as simple as what looks most aesthetically pleasing to you. Certain charms are simply gorgeous, and you’ve got to have them. Listen to your heart and always go with designs and craftsmanship that speak to you.

About Heather B. Moore

Personalized, artisan-crafted jewelry is not only thoughtful, it’s an heirloom. Every piece of fine jewelry by Heather B. Moore tells a story that begins with love, laughter, and family. Heather B. Moore jewelry allows the wearer to remember what shaped them along the way. Using a free-hand technique that’s 10 times deeper than engraving, each piece is hand stamped with the utmost craftsmanship. Steel stamps are manufactured in-house and each letter, symbol, and number, including monogrammed charms, are hand stamped. Every piece is a one-of-a-kind, just like the person wearing it. Most pieces are available in combinations of pure sterling silver and solid yellow, rose, and white gold. Discover a monogram keychain, charms, necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. Capture your most sentimental journeys with jewelry from Heather B. Moore.

Start your beautiful charm collection today with Heather B. Moore at https://heatherbmoore.com/

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