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Traveling with your golf club sets always feels a little daunting. Whether you’re just flying to visit family for the weekend and want to play a couple rounds with Dad or you’re traveling to Scotland for a tour of centuries-old courses, you want your clubs to arrive in perfect condition. There are plenty of ways you can make sure this happens. Here are five tips to help make flying with your clubs simple.

Use a High-Quality Travel Bag

As perhaps the most important part of traveling with your custom golf clubs, your bag is the first line of defense between your clubs and the rigors of airline travel. You need a bag that’s lightweight, easy to carry, and capable of protecting your clubs all at the same time.

You’ve got two options: hard cases and soft cases.

If you choose a soft case, make sure it’s made from tough material like ballistic nylon fabric and uses straps to keep your clubs nice and snug. If you go for a hard case, it should still be easy to carry with plenty of room to fit all your favorite clubs.

Attach a Tag with Your Contact Information

We’ve all heard horror stories of airlines losing baggage. Whether it’s happened to you or someone you know, you want to make sure lost luggage doesn’t happen when you’re flying with your favorite set of clubs.

Attach a contact information tag to your travel case. For extra peace of mind, you can attach a second one to your golf bag itself. Write down your name, phone number, and address on the card. That way, airline workers will know who to call if your clubs end up misdirected during a layover.

Pack an Extra Sweatshirt or Towel with Your Clubs

Why would you pack an extra sweatshirt or towel with your clubs when you have a suitcase? Good question.

No matter how good your travel bag is, you can guarantee your clubs will experience some jostling in transit. Your clubs are going to shift and move. Fortunately, you can take steps to stop them from rattling around and hitting each other inside the bag.

If you have extra sweaters, towels, blankets, or other soft items, wrap them around your clubs. Stuff them in the gaps (only clothes you aren’t worried about wrinkling). It’s the equivalent of bubble wrap to make sure no damage occurs during the flight. It’s a super easy way to keep your clubs safe so they reach their destination in pristine condition.

Use a Packing Checklist to Remember Everything

The only thing worse than reaching your destination and realizing you forgot your toothbrush is unpacking your clubs and realizing you forgot your tees.

When you fly to your destination planning to golf, you want to pack everything you need. Write down a list of all the gear you use anytime you hit the links. Your golf shoes, glove, tees, balls, and a towel are must-haves. For longer trips, you’ll probably want to add your adjustment tool, groove cleaner, and maybe even replacement spikes for your golf shoes.

Double-check your list before leaving for the airport, and enjoy some peace of mind when you arrive.

Remove the Clubheads if You Can

Finally, if your clubheads are removable—most commonly drivers, hybrids, and woods—take them off and store them safely in another component of your bag.

The connection between the shaft and clubhead is the spot most prone to breaking. By removing the clubheads, you’re keeping the entire club safer during the bag-handling process.

When you arrive at your destination, your clubs will be safe and ready for your first tee time.

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