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Generating real estate leads is tough enough, but when you throw in the complexity of making them good, it’s hard to do on your own. Property marketing agencies in Melbourne can help. Here are five top strategies you can employ to keep your clientele rotation ever-expanding:

  • Slick content for social media – Following realtors on Instagram has never been more of a thing than now, and with high-quality content on offer, you can attract a bigger following than you might’ve thought possible. While creating content based on insider tips, information, and real estate “hacks” is one way of garnering a following, a social media account with gorgeous photos of homes (both of your listings and ones that aren’t) can also help to build trust, reputation, and a bunch of follower’s keens to see another stunning pic. And they don’t have to stop at pictures of home’s exteriors: get a little creative and throw in interior design and architecture pics to cement your standing as a home and lifestyle content purveyor, and build your clientele. A full-service creative agency based in Melbourne can help whip up wonders for your new account – all professional and sleek. And let’s not forget about updating that website of yours, a little brush-up goes a long way.
  • Host an open house event – Hosting an open house or display home event is an effective way to narrow down on prospective clients and cast your network even further. Get yourself a solid invitee list of potential buyers and investors and draw them into your event. At ROEMIN, we’re a highly effective property marketing agency equipped with a friendly sales team set ready to draw in as many relevant potential clients as possible right to your event’s doorstep. Not only does this slash your workload in half, but it also makes the entire process seamless and stress-free so you can focus on rocking up and giving potential customers the information, they want.
  • Plan out a solid digital marketing start – Digital marketing campaigns are dime a dozen in the online world, so it can be a tough crowd to appeal to amidst the hordes of companies paying for YouTube ads and boosting Instagram posts. Roping in a property marketing agency can help you cover all your bases, from social media content creation on Facebook and Instagram to LinkedIn connections targeting property investors. Google ads are another great way to convert leads right from the get-go through targeted ads, and capitalising on SEO to enhance your traffic.
  • Make customer satisfaction work for you – Satisfied customers bring in more customers, and it’s relatively easy to incentivise your existing customer base to recommend your services to more people – all you have to do is show them your appreciation for their business. Gestures of goodwill such as discounts, rebates, gift cards, or small free gifts go a long way. Get new potential clients to fill in a form so you have their details to follow up with them and nurture the lead.
  • Offer your customers value – Offer your clients value through posting up informational articles and eye-catching infographics on your website to help drive traffic to your site and build up your brand name. There are tons of content you can provide from golden rules of first home-buying to effective ways to downsize and tips for renovating your place. The more reliable content you put out, the more trustworthy you’ll become and the closer you’ll get to position yourself as a voice of authority in the real estate space. Engaging professional marketing services in Melbourne can help you effortlessly fill up your site with quality content.


Enlisting the services of a professional property marketing agency based in Melbourne can turn content creation and building up your online presence from an arduous process to effortless. Here at ROEMIN, we’re a full-service creative agency that knows what it takes to expand your real estate leads.

When it comes to property marketing, we’ll get it done for you the only way we know how: perfectly. We’ll put our creativity and skills to good use to serve you and your business and help you reach your goals. From developing a marketing strategy to producing high-quality real estate photos, videos, drone and virtual tours, ROEMIN is your trusted digital marketing agency that’ll get you those real estate leads in no time. Enquire with us today, we’re happy to help!


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