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Much like wine, coffee can have infinite tasting notes. The popular morning beverage can easily highlight flavors in your food, whether you enjoy coffee and a croissant, a donut, or chocolate. Grab the latest bag of coffee from your coffee subscription and try some of these pairings to explore intricate tasting notes that might otherwise go unnoticed.

Coffee Pairing Ground Rules

There are a few rules for pairing coffee and food. Like goes with like is rule number one. When you order coffee online from the best coffee roasters, it should have its tasting notes clearly stated. So, if the coffee has a fruity tasting profile, you might want to pair the coffee with a fruit tart. Hints of chocolate and nuts? Try an almond croissant.

On the other hand, many like to balance out coffee and food. In this instance, dark, strong coffee can go well with lighter fare, like a cupcake. Meanwhile, some like to pair light coffees with rich foods, such as a chocolate truffle. Temperature also plays a role in your coffee pairing. For instance, a firm yet crumbly biscotti should be paired with and dunked in hot coffee, while iced coffee goes well with soft, moist food like a muffin.

Breakfast Food Pairings

There are plenty of breakfast foods that go well with coffee. Crepes are versatile and can be both sweet and savory, making them perfect for pairing. Berry crepes, for example, go well with fruit-forward coffees or medium roasts with nutty or caramel notes.

Crepes filled with meat and cheese go well with coffees with earthy or spicy notes. However, oatmeal goes well with a light roast from Kona or Nicaragua, thanks to being neutral. Pork, such as bacon or sausage, should be paired with a medium-light to medium roast with earthy tones.

Baked Goods Pairings

Are you enjoying banana bread for breakfast? Try it with an earthy coffee to balance it out. The same goes for zucchini and pumpkin bread. Try spicier coffees if you have white, whole wheat, or whole-grain bread. Sourdough, however, is bitter and should be paired with a sweet, mild coffee, such as one from Ecuador or Brazil.

A coffee cake has sweet, buttery flavors and goes well with a medium roast, such as one from Guatemala or Honduras. This kind of roast can bring out the natural sweetness of the cinnamon featured in the cake. Classic scones aren’t sweet, so something unique and compelling from your favorite online coffee roasters is perfect, like fruity Ethiopian coffee.

Chocolate Pairings

Because dark chocolate is bitter, you may want to get a slightly sweet coffee, such as one from Guatemala. White chocolate is on the far opposite side of the spectrum, so go with an earthy coffee. Milk chocolate is somewhere in the middle, making it versatile. It can pair with nearly any coffee. If you have a slice of chocolate cake, go with the espresso.

Fruit Pairings

Berries pair well with coffees with fruity tasting notes, such as ones from Kenya and Ethiopia. They also pair well with South African coffees, complementing the berry notes. A dark roast coffee is better for bananas, so try it with coffees from Brazil or Colombia. Apples, pears, and other neutral fruits pair well with light roast coffees with floral notes. Juicier fruits, such as pineapples, watermelons, and oranges, go best with earthy coffees. With these examples and tips and a premium coffee subscription by your side, you’re well on your way to having a first-rate coffee and food pairing experience.

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