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Fall is here, and for many, that means holiday travel plans. Wearing fine jewelry in public always carries some risk, but when you’re away from home and staying somewhere that’s not entirely under your control, there is even more risk, so it’s essential to take extra precautions. However, fun family vacations and holiday gatherings require dressing our best, and nice outfits need beautiful jewelry, so what is a jewelry lover to do? Not to worry! There are some things you can do to make traveling with your precious pieces as safe as possible. Below are five tips for traveling with jewelry this holiday season.

Leave It at Home

Traveling with jewelry involves strategy. If you’re staying in a hotel or on a beach all day, leave your favorite heirloom 2mm gold chain at home. This brings us to the most important tip: if it’s something you can’t live without, don’t travel with it. Or at least keep the number of items you couldn’t bear to lose at a minimum. This doesn’t mean you can’t travel without heirloom pieces, but bringing your entire collection is usually unnecessary.

Keep It with You

When traveling with jewelry, only pack a small amount that can stay on your body, in your purse, or in your carry-on bag until you reach your destination. You should be able to touch the jewelry bag anytime during transit. Avoid placing your precious jewelry in checked luggage or in any bag that will be prone to damage. The last thing you want is to arrive at your resort or relative’s house and discover your beloved goldlink chain was broken during transit.

Take It Off

Are you going to a warm-weather destination and will be spending lots of time at the pool or beach? Or perhaps you’re going to a spa or ski resort. In that case, it’s best to take your jewelry off. The beach is one of the most common places to lose a wedding ring because hot, humid air makes fingers swell, so rings feel secure. However, when those fingers hit cold, frigid water, the skin shrinks, and rings slip into the water or get buried under sand, never to be found.

Lock It Up

When traveling with jewelry, keeping it secure when not on your body is essential. Many hotels offer in-room safes, but keep in mind these safes can be accessed by people who work there, so they aren’t foolproof. Still, it’s better than leaving your cherished, monogrammed oval charms in plain sight on a dresser or bathroom counter, so lock up your jewelry anytime it’s not within arm’s reach.

Create a Travel Jewelry Collection

The best defense against missing jewelry is creating a travel collection—or pieces explicitly reserved for travel. Simply combine one or two nicer pieces you’ll wear daily with a rotation of fun costume jewelry pieces that you can pair in various ways to keep things interesting. While you should curate a travel jewelry collection that works for you, consider 1-2 pairs of statement earrings, 1-2 pairs of stud or small hoop earrings, 1-2 rings that pair well together, and 2-3 necklaces of varying lengths, you can layer in different ways.

About Heather B. Moore

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