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Everyone’s home should be a sanctuary. It should be a safe and comfortable place that represents a restful environment and a relaxing atmosphere after a long day of work, when you’re feeling stressed, and all the moments in between. One of the best ways to ensure that your home becomes the place of welcome it should be is by creating a dedicated self-care sanctuary within it. With a little bit of planning and the soothing aroma of some diffused eucalyptus oil, you can have your own slice of sanctuary in no time.

Find Your Favorite Space in Your Home

It’s crucial that the atmosphere of any sanctuary space be as comfortable as possible. That starts with finding your favorite place in your home. It could be a room that gets the most natural light in your home or the den where you can choose some softer lighting. No matter where it is, make it your favorite room in the house.

Make Your Sanctuary a Green Space

By adding plants to your living space, you can enhance your overall well-being. Make the most of this fact by turning your sanctuary into a green space. Set your sanctuary up with any variety of potted and hanging plants that speak to you. The addition of flowering plants contributes an additional element of natural beauty, and the extra oxygen your plants can provide is another bonus.

Create a Sanctuary for Your Senses

A defining characteristic of any sanctuary is making your space a pleasure for all of the senses. Plants and décor make for a visually stimulating and enjoyable space. Have you ever asked yourself, what are essential oils perfectly suited for? Well, this is the answer. Use your diffuser and some lavender, eucalyptus, chamomile, and other essential oils that encourage a relaxing atmosphere. With the sense of smell covered, consider adding some speakers or a white noise machine to the space for a soothing audio ambiance. For touch, your sanctuary space should be as physically comfortable as possible too. Add cozy furniture that is ideal for kicking back. For another level of comfort, consider adding a massage chair or other powered massage device.

Declutter Your Sanctuary Space

Decluttering your workspace or living space is a good idea in general for encouraging a relaxing environment and minimizing stress. However, a clutter-free sanctuary space is an absolute must. That’s not to say that your sanctuary has to be empty or minimalist. If your happy place is adorned with bright, vibrant art and decorated with a variety of items that are meaningful to you, make it happen. It just means that everything in your sanctuary should bring you value and serve a purpose.

Take Cues From the Outdoors and Other Places You Love

Just as including items that are meaningful or of sentimental value can enhance your sanctuary, so can adding touches that remind you of the outdoors and other places you love. If you feel most alive or most carefree on the shore or in the forest, make those places a theme. If a trip to France or the Caribbean was an unforgettable adventure, be sure that your sanctuary features reminders of Paris or the tropics. Whatever makes your home sanctuary more inspiring, you can bring it to life.

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