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Designing your little one’s nursery is the first step that expecting parents take to welcome their newest member into the world. You want your baby to see their nursery as a place of comfort and where their imagination can flourish. Creating the perfect nursery is easier than you might think. It all comes down to picking the right items to make those first months at home smooth and comforting, like muslin blankets for babies, plenty of diapers, and extra supplies. Creating a nursery should be a fun and creative experience, so pick out some of your favorite colors and start planning out your baby’s new nursery.

Use Pops of Color

One of the first steps to creating your baby’s nursery is to pick out what colors you want to showcase in the decor. Lighter colors and pastels are popular for nurseries because they can help with relaxation when it is time for bed. But that doesn’t mean it’s a rule you must stick to. For example, having an accent wall with removable wallpaper can be a great focal point in the room’s design. Fun patterns in the wallpaper may also help spark your baby’s imagination as they grow into a toddler. Depending on what design or color you choose for your accent wall, you can coordinate all of the other pops of color in your nursery.

Keep Plenty of Muslin Blankets Handy

Muslin blankets are some of the best products you can keep on hand in your nursery right after your baby comes home. Not only are these blankets soft and comfortable on your newborn’s skin, but they can also withstand all of the beautiful, messy moments of newborns and toddlers. Wrapping your newborn in swaddling muslins is a great way to calm them down when they’re fussy because swaddling can mimic the comfort and stability of the womb. Muslin is also great for cuddling up when nursing or for burping afterward. Having plenty of these breathable soft blankets on hand can help make those first months at home run a little smoother.

Decide Your Nursery’s Theme

Many parents-to-be enjoy picking out a theme for the nursery. From safari to princess to choosing a consistent pattern or color, the options are endless. The theme can be incorporated with art on the walls, toys, books, and swaddling muslins, to name a few. If you have a nursery theme or colors picked out, this can be great to let people know or note on any registry, so your gifts complement your existing setup.

Remember to Match

When designing any room, it’s essential to keep your colors matching or pick shades of colors that look cohesive. You typically don’t want to choose complementary colors for your nursery because these colors can be a bit overwhelming. Lighter pastels might be more comforting for a new baby who is just barely starting to understand color. If you are going with an accent wall, it is important to keep the colors consistent on all the other walls in the room to create a relaxing environment.

Stock Up on Baby Sleep Essentials

It never hurts to keep your nursery stocked on baby sleep essentials like sleep sacks, swaddles, and extra crib sheets. Keeping additional crib sheets is vital for those dreaded newborn blowouts and the occasional spit-up. This will make changing and getting the baby back to sleep much more manageable and streamlined. It is always fun to match your crib sheet to your accent wall and muslin swaddle.

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