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Custom embroidered patches add a personal and unique touch to clothing and accessories. They help show your belonging to a particular organization, club, etc. People have been using them for millennia for various purposes, from repairing clothes to decorations. Everybody wants the best custom patches, but sometimes cost can be a barrier. Choosing the artwork, color schemes, borders, etc., affects the price. They end up compromising, and it results in poor-quality patches. However, it is possible to customize patches on a budget by considering a few vital factors. The blog will provide information about designing high-quality custom patches on a budget.

Customizing embroidered patches on a budget:

Custom patches not only add elegance to your style, but they are also lovely to promote your organization and business. To save a few bucks, people go the mass-produced route. They take a preexisting design and slap their name on them. But, they have several disadvantages, and one of the primary ones is limited options for colors, size, design, backings, etc.

One of the many advantages of customizing your embroidered patches is complete control over every aspect. You can create them to your exact specifications and requirements. The patches will represent you or your organization genuinely and help stand out. It is vital for promoting a business, organization, or cause; they are a lovely marketing tool that increases awareness and recognition.

You can choose high-quality materials to customize patches. It will make them durable and not fray or peel over time, unlike mass-produced ones. They will keep their colors even after several washing cycles or rough use. While printing the patches can be expensive, embroidered patches are budget-friendly, especially for bulk orders.

  1. Text and imagery: one of the primary considerations is text and images when customizing patches. The right combination can make them stand out; the wrong ones can leave them cluttered and confuse the onlookers. Patches need to convey the message in milliseconds. Always consider the purpose of the patches to determine the most appropriate texts and images. For example, a business patch must incorporate the logo, name, and colors. Personal patches might include a favorite quote, symbol, or anything of your interest. Consider the patch placement. For example, whether on the front of a t-shirt or hoodie. Or on a backpack or hat? It will give you the best orientation. Choose elements that are easy to see and understand. The aesthetic of the patch plays a significant role in making it look sharp. Choose elements that go well together and complement each other. To sum up: purpose, placement, and aesthetic will help them stand out.
  2. Colors affect how your custom embroidered patches will look. The right combination of bold and bright colors can make them look vibrant and communicate your message effectively. But the wrong color combinations can make them look dull and uninteresting. Once again, think of the purpose of the patch. It will help determine the colors. For example, a business patch should contain the official colors, while the personal one can feature your favorite colors or a combination that reflects your personality or message. The colors must work cohesively. Choose colors that complement one another and avoid mixing too many colors; it can cause an unorganized and busy look. Go with a color scheme that is eye-pleasing and enhances the composition. Use easy-to-see shades, and avoid pastel or pale colors. 
  1. Borders are crucial in how the embroidered patches will look and determine durability. They also make them more professional. Two of the most popular ones are hot cut and merrowed. Both have their unique properties. Merrowed one is classic and durable and gives a professional and polished look; they add cohesion to the patches, are versatile, and are perfect for various patches. Hot cuts the edges precisely; they embroider the patch onto a fabric backing with an embroidery machine and then trim to create the shape. They use pressure and heat to cut the fabric. The process is lovely for custom shapes and gives a professional 3D look. The first type helps create simple geometrical shapes, like circles, squares, rectangles, etc. The second one allows you to customize any form.
  1. The size of the patch is vital to display the details. Like the previous ones, the purpose and placement of the patch are crucial. Business patches should be large enough to show the logo and name. An embroidered patch on the front of a shirt must be smaller than the back. Keep the size proportionate to the apparel and avoid the ones that are too massive or tiny. For example, a patch on a cap should be smaller than the back of a jacket. If your patches have various details, you want them big to accommodate those details. A tiny patch is sufficient for simple designs without sacrificing legibility.
  1. Bold: When in doubt, use bold to customize patches. Choose strong and attention-grabbing imagery. Use bold graphics, logos, bright patterns, striking symbols, or shapes. Scale the boldness per the size of the patches; larger ones are noticeable.

Now that you know the vital aspects of custom patches, you can use the following tips to create patches on a budget.

  • One of the easiest ways to save money is to use fewer colors. The more colors you use, the more expensive it is to produce. It is vital to consider whether the patches need multiple colors or whether fewer colors are more than enough to make the same impact. A reliable manufacturer, like EverLighten, allows up to seven colors without extra cost.
  • Use simple geometric patterns and shapes. They are easy to produce using embroidery. You do not have to compromise on the quality, and vital step for customizing on a budget.
  • One of the easiest ways to save money is by bulk order. Most manufacturers have a fixed minimum order limit; the price per patch decreases when you order more. For example, if you need 150 patches, but the supplier has 200 MOQs, you can pay a lower total price for an extra 50. However, if you do not need the extra ones, connect with EverLighten; they have the lowest MOQ in the industry.
  • Another way is to connect with the manufacturer instead of contacting a middle person. Many suppliers like EverLighten offer online forms. You can fill in the request in a few simple steps and get started.
  • Shop around for prices and compare costs and additional charges. Many manufacturers charge extra for design, rush orders, shipping, etc. Factor in everything before deciding.


Customizing patches is fun, whether you are doing it alone or with a team. They are lovely to create per your preferences and needs. You can add personality to your clothing or use it to promote a cause or organization. Following the tips will help you create impressive custom patches on a budget. Connect with a reliable manufacturer like EverLighten for high-quality patches; they have helped several startups, corporations, nonprofits, sports teams, scouting clubs, firefighters, the military, etc., for nineteen years.

Sarah G. Gunnels of the 151st Aviation Regiment, South Carolina Army National Guard, wanted a manufacturer for their unit patch. They connected with several suppliers, but to no avail. The patch size was enormous – 10 inches and they were dissatisfied with the quality. Our experts helped them understand it is too large for military patches – we have worked with several military and law enforcement agencies and know a thing or two about the preferred size – and suggested scaling down to 3.5 inches. Our designers used their experience to achieve the exact design. They delivered with 100% satisfaction.

Read the complete story https://everlighten.com/blogs/success-stories/custom-patches-sarah-gunnels.


Customize high-quality patches on a budget with EverLighten:

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