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The maxim “work smarter, not harder” is usually applied to work situations. However, finding ways to make other parts of your life easier and more efficient should be a priority as well. For instance, the proper planning, preparation, and products can make for an effortless beauty routine with a first-rate payoff. Working with the right light and picking up a quality eyeliner stamp are examples of how working smarter can boost your beauty game.

Be Sure to Get Your Light Right

Light can be a tricky feature of a beauty routine. That’s especially true for the transition from the light indoors (where your beauty regimen is taking place) to the natural light outside. One of the best options is to use a mirror with bright LED lighting to mimic natural light.

Use Products That Make Great Looks Effortless

A big part of the working smarter equation is having the right products. For example, the cat eye look is a combination of striking, classy, and fun—but It’s also a look that can be hard to get just right. That is unless you have high-quality eyeliner stamps available to you. Innovative cat eye stamps can make achieving this classic look effortless.

Fine-Tune Eyeliner Looks for Your Eye Type

One benefit of something like cat eye makeup is that it tends to work for pretty much anyone. However, there are some variations of the look that work better than others for people, depending on their eye type. Look up guides on perfecting winged eyeliner according to your eye type, whether round, hooded, almond-shaped, or so on.

Consider What Products You Need

Making your beauty routine smarter is also about what you choose not to make part of that routine. Take some time to experiment when it’s not part of a busy morning beauty regimen. Find out what works and what doesn’t when the pressure to make it happen isn’t part of the equation.

Get a Gorgeous, Dewy Finish with the Right Face Mist

The right hydrating face mist is like the right winged stamp eyeliner—it’s an effortless way to produce a major payoff. For one, a hydrating face mist feels nourishing and revitalizing. That hydration also contributes to enhanced skin tone and elasticity. The key is to find one that does all that and leaves you with a luminous glow. Look for a hydrating face mist featuring organic rose water and 24K gold for the perfect dewy finish with a golden glow.

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