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5 Top Nose Piercing Care Tips For Fast Recovery

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While piercings are exciting and trendy, it is equally important to take care of them. If you plan to get Nose Piercing or already have one, nose piercing care is essential for your health. It reduces the risk of infection and further issues down the line. So, how can you best take care of yourself and make a speedy recovery? Let’s find out.

Here’s How To Take Care of A New Mode Piercing

Clean Your Piercing Daily

If you have recently got your nose pierced, cleaning your piercing regularly is an important step. While healing, washing it 2–3 times daily is advised. Clean the visible parts of the jewelry. In case of an infection, take the piercing out and clean it with alcohol.

To maintain proper hygiene, wash your hands properly before touching it. Also, ensure that you rinse away all the soap and use a fragrance-free cleanser.

Avoid Touching or Twisting

During the first few days, the urge to touch and twist your piercing is immense. Instead of being an itch, you can’t reach, it is an itch you shouldn’t feel for your safety. Twisting the piercing damages the piercing channel while also making way for a bacterial infection. This prolongs the healing time while compromising your health.

If you find the Nose ring stuck, it is best to consult a doctor. Forceful removal should be avoided at all costs. In case of severe discomfort, try applying a Nose Piercing Numbing Cream.

Use Saline Solution for Rinsing

A necessary cleaning process, rinsing involves the use of Saline solution. It is an easy-to-make recipe that requires some salt and warm water. Use it to clean the piercing; it nicely gets rid of the first dried blood and any potential bacteria. Using a saline solution from the beginning helps speed up recovery time without any implications.

Avoid Makeup and Lotions

The main reason for avoiding makeup or lotions for the first few days is to prevent a potential infection. Your skin near the piercing is sensitive to powders and highly vulnerable to bacterial attacks.

Using makeup powder or lotions can lead to a buildup and, in the future, an infection. So avoid makeup for as long as possible; for the experience, find celebrities with nose piercings.

Stay Away from Pools and Hot Tubs

As tempting as they look for a calming dip, pools, and hot tubs might exponentiate your troubles. Pools, especially, are full of bacteria and chemicals. A fresh wound, i.e. your piercing is highly sensitive.

Taking a dip into the pool is quite literally inviting a bacterial infection. Chlorine can irritate the skin around your piercing, making it even more uncomfortable. It is in your best interest to avoid bodies of water. In case of swelling or redness, contact a dermatologist.

Final Thoughts

Nose piercings are a form of expressing yourself and your identity. It is associated with freedom and adds another dimension to you. As exciting as getting a piercing can be, the aftercare is equivalently tricky.

Your health and safety are the top priorities. The discomfort a piercing causes is immense, and it requires rigorous care and hygiene. So ensure you give yourself the best care and show the world your style a stunning new look. For more information visit our Website!


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