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One of the best ways to spice up your outfits and add some much-needed excitement to your wardrobe is to mix up how you wear your fashion shoes. Instead of pairing them with the same pieces of clothing, it’s time to think outside the box. You can transform your wardrobe just by mixing up your shoe and outfit combinations. Here are five unexpected ways to style your favorite shoes.

Mix Casual with Classy by Combining Heels and Jeans

What’s the first thing you think of when you imagine a pair of pumps or platform heels? Dresses, fancy dinners, and date nights might come to mind. One way to flip the script is to take your favorite pair of heels and add it to an everyday casual look, like a pair of jeans and a comfortable top. This adds a touch of sophistication and class to your outfit while maintaining your casual and easygoing vibe. It’s totally unexpected but very fun.

Don’t Let the Cold Stop You from Wearing Sandal Wedges

Sandals? In the winter? You read that correctly. What’s more surprising than a pair of beach-ready sandals in the winter? This is the perfect way to bring some warm and bright vibes to the chilly days of fall and winter. Pick a pair of extra strappy and colorful sandal wedges and wear them with your cozy jacket and pants. If you want extra protection, you can pair socks or tights with your wedges.

Add Some Edge to Your Skirts with Boots

Boots are edgy and striking. Skirts are flowy and easygoing. Put the two together, and you have a unique look that everyone will love. It brings together the best of two worlds and can fit many different vibes. It’s punk rock enough to work at a concert but can still fit the vibe for a dinner date or family event. A pair of black combat boots or high-heeled booties will be the centerpiece of your outfit and, when combined with a skirt, won’t be forgotten any time soon.

Make Your Clogs the Focus of Your Fit with a Good Pair of Shorts

Clogs are a statement piece. Why not let them do all the talking for your outfit? Instead of potentially covering them up with a dress or rocking jeans, it’s time to break out the shorts. It’s a little uncommon to wear shorts with such bulky shoes, but when you take a look at the clogs with your favorite pair of jean shorts, you’ll realize how fun this look is. It’s perfect for the boho lovers out there and will turn heads in the best way possible.

Contrast Neutral Outfits with Colorful Shoes

Sometimes, it’s not the style of the shoe but the colorway that can make a statement. Usually, you’re trying to match colors and have them play off each other, but this look takes a different approach. Wear neutral colors, like a white shirt and some black shorts, and then bring out your most colorful pair of shoes. This is the perfect way to catch people off guard and get them focused on your footwear. Floral heels, hot pink pumps, bright yellow sandals, and deep red Western boots are all great choices. They create an outfit that pops, all on their own.

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