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5 Warning Signs That Indicate Water Heater Replacement is Imminent

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Water Heater Warning Signs to Know

Lack of hot water in the house can be frustrating. Hence, it is important to periodically check whether the water heater is working efficiently or not.

Now, calling a residential plumber in Abbotsford will certainly help. But homeowners can also look for some warning signs to determine the health of the water heater.

Age of the Water Heater

A homeowner must determine how old the water heater is. Most water heaters have a life of ten years. If a water heater is older than ten years, it is time to replace it to avoid any issues.

Strange Noises Coming from the Water Heater

The water heater will accumulate minerals over time based on the region's water quality. In such a case, the water heater will start making strange noises such as rattling, hissing, and more. If this is the scenario, having residential plumbers on speed dial will be the best option. The water heater may give up at any time.

Small Leaks

Are you finding water stains? Experiencing water puddles? Chances are the water heater has small leaks. If neglected, these small leaks can turn into big leaks and wreak havoc on the property. Call a plumber immediately to solve this issue.

Irregular Water Temperature

Broken or malfunctioning parts of the water heater result in irregular water temperature. Try repairing or replacing the broken part. However, if the water heater still frequently provides irregular water temperature, it is time to replace it immediately. Calling Langley residential plumbers will greatly help resolve this issue.

Signs of Corrosion

Water heaters are usually made with metallic materials. And when it comes in contact with water for a longer period, it can start accumulating rust and corrode. This rust can be seen on the outside of the water heater. However, rust can heavily damage the insides too. Rust is also responsible for causing small leaks. In any case, this is not ideal for the water heater. Replacement of the water heater is the best course of action.

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