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Jewelry has long been a part of our gift-giving traditions. And while fine jewelry gifts are very traditional and always timeless, you can still get a little creative with how you present the gift. Whether you're gifting a 2mm gold chain or a stunning ring, there are so many ways you can get creative and produce a beautiful memory attached to the piece. Then every time your loved one looks at it, they can remember the moment they received it and remember the thoughtfulness put into the gift.

Disguise the Wrapping

If it's a birthday or anniversary, the recipient is probably expecting a gift of some kind. You can add a little surprise to the mix by disguising your wrapping as something else. Maybe you can secure the jewelry box inside of a much larger container and fill it with something to give it weight and then wrap it the same way you would any other gift. Your giftee will be pleasantly surprised at the true nature of the gift.

Place It Where They Can Find It Themselves

This is such a lovely way to surprise someone special with a piece of fine jewelry. You simply place the gift somewhere you know they’ll find it on their own, and then you just sit back and let the surprise happen. Have fun with it by thinking of unpredictable places they might find a little treasure.

Hide It Within Another Gift

A gift within another gift? Yup, you read that right. This is such a fun way to give a fine jewelry gift because it will be expecting something else. You could hide a stunning goldlink chain or diamond pendant inside a regular box of mints or inside a box of chocolates to enhance the surprise and give them two gifts in one.

Include it In an Activity

Find a way to include the gift in your partner's favorite pastime. Whether they love gardening or rock climbing, get creative and incorporate the present into the activity. You could hide lockets with diamonds in their climbing chalk or wrap a gorgeous bracelet around a succulent that's ready to plant.

Use an Unexpected Delivery Person

Who doesn't love getting a gift delivered? Choose a trusted person to deliver your fine jewelry to that special person in your life. Whether it's your kiddos, a trusted friend, or even your four-legged pal, an unexpected delivery is always a welcomed surprise.

Whichever method you choose to surprise your sweetheart, don't forget to select the jewelry pieces you know they will love. And every time they look at it, they can remember the thoughtful and fun way they received it.

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