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Nap time is the most crucial time of the day for newborns and their caregivers. But sometimes, when your baby is overtired, they will fight nap time with everything they have. When this happens, it’s everyone’s least favorite time of the day. Fortunately, some simple tips can help your little one drift off to dreamland.

Get Your Nursery Ready for Nap Time

The first thing you need to do is ensure your nursery is an ideal napping environment. You want to make sure that the temperature isn’t too hot or cold, and you want to dim the lights. Another great addition to nursery nap time is a white noise machine. This can help filter out distracting noises that might disrupt your little one’s snooze time. You’re setting yourself up for nap time success by setting up your nursery in a thoughtful way.

Swaddle Up Your Newborn

Natural swaddling is an excellent technique for calming your little one and helping them drift off to sleep. You’ll want a breathable, lightweight blanket to swaddle with. Muslin swaddle blankets are an excellent choice because they allow you to get a snug and cozy fit and promote safer sleep without the risk of overheating. You can use 100% organic cotton muslin if your baby has sensitive skin.

Load Up the Stroller for a Walk

Sometimes getting outside is the best way to calm down a fussy newborn. Something about the fresh air and subtle sounds of nature just seems to calm the soul. Break out your carseat canopy and head out around the neighborhood for a walk. The carseat canopy should help shield the light and germs while dampening noise. Find a canopy with a silent magnetic closure so you can quietly check in when needed.

Cuddle Up and Feed Your Baby

You really want to make sure that your little one isn’t going to bed hungry. It can keep them from falling asleep and may cause them to wake up before they’ve gotten enough rest. Make sure your baby gets fed and burped with the help of some large burp cloths before settling down for nap time. Cuddling up to breastfeed or bottle feed in a dimly lit area can also help them wind down and relax.

Try to Be Consistent with a Routine

Sometimes the day just gets away from us, and all routines get thrown out the window. That’s okay, and it’s bound to happen. But the best way to ensure your newborn goes down for naps consistently is by establishing a routine and sticking to it the best you can. This helps your baby recognize when it’s time to sleep.

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