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You might have had a tough week in the gym. Maybe you didn’t hit the PR you were hoping for, or you’re battling a minor injury. While these may not be complete setbacks, they’re weighing heavily on your mind. Sometimes, you just need to put on your bodybuilding clothing, get back in the gym, and crush your self-doubt to get out of a rut. Other times, you can rely on your bodybuilding community for the motivation and encouragement you need. If you’re experiencing some bodybuilding mental roadblocks, here are some ways you can overcome them and get back to smashing PRs at the gym.

Surround Yourself with Like-Minded Bodybuilders

Need to get into a more positive headspace? Surround yourself with like-minded bodybuilders. They might all wear the same brand of bodybuilding clothes, adopting the same mindset you need to get back on track in the gym. It’s an easy way to find the right group of people to help you stay excited about training. They can help motivate you and push you to get back in the game to give 100%. Partner with a like-minded bodybuilder, and they can help you get out of your rut by pushing you to new heights.

Crush Self-Doubt

Self-doubt can worm its way into your mindset if you aren’t careful. What if you don’t have what it takes to hit that PR? The problem is that doubt can become a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you think you can’t, then you can’t. You have to crush your self-doubt and believe in yourself. You are training to break a PR, and with enough training, you will. If you haven’t set a new PR yet, chances are good the right time just hasn’t come. The key word is “yet,” and that’s all you need to remind yourself when you keep up with your training sessions.

Control and Channel Your Nervous Energy

Sometimes it’s nervous energy that acts as a subtle negative force in your life. You aren’t even consciously doing things to avoid being productive. Maybe it makes you think, those PRs are so far away, you don’t need to give it your all right now, right? Wrong. It may be hard to channel your nervous energy, but remember that every training session matters. Every set and repetition builds muscle and gets you closer to achieving your latest goal. Use that energy to give it your all in the gym.

Keep Calm

It can be hard to stay calm, especially if you are going for a new PR or heading to competition. However, keeping a level head is essential on your journey. Slow down. Throw on your weightlifting clothing, and feel your confidence soar. What if you screw up? It doesn’t matter. With determination and calm, you can overcome any obstacle. Take your mind to a place where you can relax and visualize yourself crushing every new goal. You have trained for this, and you know exactly how you can manifest the outcome you want.

Face Fears Head-On

You can only conquer your fears if you face them head-on. You might be afraid of hurting yourself during a particularly difficult exercise. Find someone who knows how to do it well, and ask for their help. Maybe you are afraid to enter a competition for fear of losing. Work with a coach who has competition experience or has coached other competitors and use their expertise. Don’t be afraid of failure. If you fail, you simply know what not to do, and you can do better next time. With the right strategies for clearing these mental hurdles, you can do anything you put your mind to.

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