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Your company's whole internet marketing strategy includes your blog. Blogging is a cost-effective and long-term digital marketing approach that businesses of all sizes can make work, whether they use SEO services on a regular basis or are just starting serious about generating excellent blog material. Here are some ideas for maximizing the potential of your corporate blog.

Set Achievable Goals

The first step toward improving your blog’s performance is to set achievable goals. Before you invest any time or energy into white label SEO services, you should make sure that your goals are realistic for the industry and the current state of your blog. For instance, if you are just really starting to post on a consistent basis, seeing your traffic double over the course of a few months isn’t likely realistic. However, looking for 5% growth per month might be more realistic and sustainable.

Think Visually

There’s no question about it. Readers care as much about the images and graphics you include as the copy itself. In some cases, they engage more with a blog post simply because of an interesting infographic or captivating photo than the text. Readers are also more likely to “pin” or share content that is visually compelling. When an engaging photo shows up in a newsfeed or search engine, you’re more likely to click on it to learn more.

Are Your Keywords Up to Date?

Using the right keywords in your blog is critical in getting your content in front of an audience that wants to read it. Keywords can change over time. The keywords you used originally in blog posts may not be the most relevant now. It is worth checking older blog posts to make sure that you have the right keywords and to use the most up to date keywords going forward. 

Grow Your Community

Growing your online and offline community can be helpful in driving growth, engagement, and traffic to your blog. This can be as simple as letting people who you meet with in real life know about your blog. Even more powerful is making connections with influencers, thought leaders, and other industry forums. 

You can create guest posts on a third party website to drive traffic back to your website or start a podcast that you distribute on Spotify. Any way that you can foster better connections with the community, the better. By connecting with influencers and industry publications, you can increase the likelihood that they may share your content.

Hire an SEO Consultant

To truly crank up your company blog’s potential, it might be time to hire an SEO consultant. While you should always strive to maintain an awareness of current SEO practices, you likely have a lot to do to operate your business. SEO best practices change all the time, as algorithms change and certain trends fall out of fashion. Having an SEO consultant on your team can enable you to efficiently incorporate SEO principles while still making progress on other goals. 

Your SEO consultant can help you to set up the right goals and monitoring systems to ensure that you see some ROI for your investment. Together, you can identify your most important strategies to use in your campaigns, including targets and keywords. Depending on the level of support your company needs, your SEO consultant can either make recommendations for your team to implement or to take care of the implementation process for your company.

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