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There is something special and unique about the cat eye makeup look. For one, it’s timeless—it remains as fun and stylish as it was when it was first worn. And it was first worn a while ago. The cat eye look is often referred to as an Egyptian look as the ancient Egyptians did indeed wear it. How many styles or looks of any kind are as popular and relevant now as they were thousands of years ago?

The cat eye makeup look is an exceptionally versatile one; It can be classy and elegant, fun and bold, as fit for the office as it is for a date or night at the club. That makes learning some tips for perfecting your favorite cat eye looks, like finding a quality winged eyeliner stamp, well worth it.

Prepare Your Eyes First

The perfect cat eye makeup look begins before any makeup is even applied. First, clean and moisturize the area around your eyes. Use a cooling eye cream or serum to reduce puffiness, redness, or dark circles if necessary. Then use a makeup primer to smooth skin, even out your skin tone, and create a uniform base for applying makeup.

Consider Your Eyelids and Eye Shape

There is no one-size-fits-all style or look that is going to work equally well for everyone. This applies to the cat eye look as well because different variants of it work better with varying eye shapes and eyelid types. If you’re unsure about those characteristics, look up attributes like eye shape, whether you have monolids or hooded eyes, and so on. Then check out some tutorials on the looks that work best with your eye shape and eyelid characteristics.

Make It Effortless with an Eyeliner Stamp

As classic and timeless as the cat eye look is, it can be challenging to apply without the right tools. A high-quality winged eyeliner stamp is an invaluable addition to your makeup toolkit that makes achieving gorgeous cat eye looks effortless. There are very few makeup solutions that deliver a better payoff. For the best results, choose a winged eyeliner stamp that is:

• Vegan

• Non-toxic

• Non-GMO

• Cruelty-free

• Alcohol-free

• Smudge-proof

• Halal compliant and certified

• Waterproof or water-resistant

Simplify the Look with a Cat Eye Combo Stamp

For even more variation and simplicity in your makeup regimen, find a quality, trusted cat eye makeup combo stamp. These ultra-useful little wonders feature two tips, a wing stamp, and a fine eyeliner tip for more precise detail. Be sure to choose one that features a built-in ink reservoir to ensure each end remains moist without compromise. Some of the best brands may feature options like a bold or sleek stamp, so you get precisely the look you’re after. If they offer them in black or brown, consider getting both shades so you’ll be ready to craft a variety of looks.

Go for a Classic Smokey Eye or Bold and Fun Glitter Look

One of the most impressive parts of the cat eye’s versatility is how many distinct looks it can create. Go with a smokey cat eye for something classic, elegant, and dramatic. If you’re looking for something bold, fun, and eye-catching, accentuate your cat eye with vibrant, shimmery eye shadow on your top lid and the inner corners of your eye.

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