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Hey, mama! In honor of all the women who have become moms in recent months or years, today is all about how your period looks after becoming a mom. Motherhood doesn’t inherently alter your period—unless your child is stressing you the heck out—but giving birth, breastfeeding, getting your period back, and aging definitely lead to menstrual changes.

In the Fourth Trimester 

The first 12 weeks after giving birth is sometimes called the fourth trimester. It is normal not to have a period if you’re breastfeeding or combination feeding at this time. Prolactin, the hormone that signals your body to produce breastmilk, suppresses ovulation.

Still, in the first week or two after giving birth, your vagina discharges blood, mucus, and uterine tissue. It’s a great time to use period panties with a super absorbent gusset. Don’t use tampons, period cups, or discs until you’re given the green light by your doctor.

After 3 Months Postpartum

Three months postpartum, and you may get or already have your period, but you also may not. It depends on your hormones. You’ll still experience vaginal discharge (even if your vagina feels dry). Leakproof panties? Still super handy. Feel free to switch to lighter absorbency styles.

6+ Months After Giving Birth

Even when breastfeeding, the average time to get your period back is around six months. Some women experience heavier and longer periods with more cramping as they have a bigger uterus and more lining to shed. Others experience lighter periods with less cramping, especially if they start hormonal birth control (after discussing it with a doctor).

Your hormones are still fluctuating at this time, so it’s normal for your period to be irregular. As if you didn’t have enough to deal with, you now have surprise periods like the teenage years. Keep your menstrual cup or disc in your bag, and wear leakproof panties to bed just in case.

When You’re Raising Kids and Dealing with Periods

Your period will continue to change as you age. While the years with younger kids may include being quick about removing, emptying, cleaning, and reinserting your cup or disc before you rush them off to school, this stage won’t last forever. You may eventually have to help children going through puberty understand and manage their own periods.

They have the same period care options as you, but make sure your child is totally comfortable with their period care products. Period underwear is a fantastic introduction to reusable period care, but you can also find a teen-sized menstrual cup.

If Your Kids Are Older Teens

As you get older, you’ll enter perimenopause, the stage before menopause that usually occurs in your 40s. Your periods become more irregular, and your flow rate changes, but at this point, you’ve probably been handling your periods for years, and you have all the period care products you need to ensure your daily life remains leak-free. That includes period cups, discs, and leakproof panties. Never forget your leakproof panties.

Becoming a mom already gives you so much to think about, so clarity on how your period may change and what kinds of period care products you can use is a relief. Those period panties will come in handy for all sorts of things! Remember that if you feel like anything is off with your body or are concerned about a change, talk to your doctor. Your body is changing, but you’re not alone, mama.

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