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Here is a blog post from a Yosemite elopement photographer sharing tips for weddings. The article makes it clear that weddings are about the two people getting married and not about the event itself, and should be as personal and unique as possible.

What is Elopement?

An elopement is a small, intimate wedding ceremony that is typically held in secret and without the knowledge or consent of the couple's families. Elopements are often spur-of-the-moment decisions, made in the heat of passion or excitement, and are usually a means of avoiding familial or societal pressure to marry. While elopements used to be seen as scandalous, they are now more commonly viewed as romantic and adventurous. If you're considering eloping, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Make sure you're on the same page: Eloping is a big decision, and it's important that both you and your partner are on board with the idea. Talk about your reasons for wanting to elope, and make sure you're both on the same page before moving forward.

2. Keep it confidential: Once you've decided to elope, it's important to keep the plans under wraps. If word gets out that you're planning to elope, it could ruin the surprise and put unnecessary stress on you and your partner.

3. Choose a location: One of the best parts of eloping is that you can choose any location that holds meaning for you as a couple. Whether it's a place where you first met or got engaged, or simply somewhere you both love spending time together, make sure to pick a spot that's special to both of you.

What is a Yosemite elopement?

A Yosemite elopement is a small, intimate wedding ceremony held in Yosemite National Park. This type of wedding is perfect for couples who want to escape the hustle and bustle of traditional weddings and exchange their vows in a natural setting. There are many beautiful locations in Yosemite that are ideal for elopements, such as Yosemite Valley, Glacier Point, and Tuolumne Meadows. If you are planning a Yosemite elopement, be sure to check with the park ranger station for permits and regulations.

How to plan your own elopement?

There are a lot of factors to consider when eloping, but with a little bit of planning, you can pull off a beautiful and stress-free elopement. Here are some tips on how to plan your own elopement:

1. Choose the right location: The first step is to choose a location that is special to you both. It could be somewhere that has personal significance or simply a place that you both love. Once you have a location in mind, research the best time of year to visit and whether there are any permits required.

2. Keep it simple: One of the great things about eloping is that it can be as simple or as elaborate as you want it to be. Keep in mind that the focus should be on your relationship, not on putting on a big production.

3. Give yourselves plenty of time: Don't leave everything till the last minute! Start planning your elopement several months in advance so that you can take care of all the details and avoid any stressful surprises.

4. Tell your closest friends and family: This is probably one of the hardest parts about eloping – telling your loved ones that you've decided to forgo a traditional wedding. But remember, at the end of the day, this is YOUR decision and you should do what makes you both happy. Just be prepared for some well-meaning interference!

5. Hire an experienced photographer: An experienced Yosemite elopement photographers.

Tips from a professional photographer at Yosemite

1. Elope in the morning! The light is incredible then and you’ll miss the heat of the day.
2. Take advantage of Yosemite’s vastness and hike to a spot that speaks to you – there are so many options and each offer different backdrops for your ceremony or portraits.
3. Don’t forget about permit requirements if you plan on getting married in Yosemite – they are easy to obtain, but you do need one!
4. Embrace the spontaneity of eloping – it’s one of the best parts! Let your photographer guide you to the best locations and help you with posing, but also feel free to explore and be spontaneous.
5. Have an exit plan! If you’re planning on hiking back out after your ceremony, make sure you have a plan in place in case someone gets tired or hurt. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.

Elopement Tips for Brides

Planning to elope can be a daunting task, but with these helpful tips from a professional elopement photographer, you'll be sure to have a beautiful and stress-free day!

1. Choose Your Adventure

The first step in planning your elopement is to decide what type of adventure you want to have on your wedding day. Do you want to hike to a stunning overlook? Spend the day exploring a new city? Or maybe go for a romantic stroll on the beach? Whatever you choose, make sure it's something that speaks to who you are as a couple.

2. Pick the Perfect Location

Once you've decided on the type of adventure you want to have, it's time to pick the perfect location. This is where doing your research comes in handy! If you're not sure where to start, take a look at some of our favorite elopement locations in Yosemite National Park.

3. Get organized and Make a Plan

Now that you know where you're going and what you want to do, it's time to start getting organized and making a plan. This may seem like a lot of work, but trust us, it's worth it! Creating a timeline for your big day will help ensure that everything goes smoothly and according to plan. Plus, it'll help reduce any pre-wedding jitters by knowing exactly what's going to happen and when.

4. Pack Light but Don't

Elopement Tips for Grooms

If you're planning on eloping, congratulations! Eloping is a fantastic way to celebrate your love for one another in a truly intimate and unique way. Here are a few tips to help make your elopement extra special:

1. Plan ahead and choose a location that means something to both of you. Whether it's a place you've always dreamed of visiting or somewhere that holds special significance, picking the perfect spot will make your elopement that much more memorable.

2. Keep it simple – the best elopements are often the ones that are unplanned and spontaneous. Let go of any expectations and just enjoy being in the moment with your partner.

3. Don't forget to document the day! While it's important to live in the moment, you'll also want to have some beautiful photos or videos to look back on. Be sure to hire a talented elopement photographer who can capture the magic of your day perfectly.


We hope you enjoyed these tips from an experienced elopement photographer at Yosemite National Park. Planning a wedding can be stressful, but by keeping these tips in mind, you can make the process a little bit easier. And, of course, don't forget to hire a professional photographer to capture your special day!



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