Consider what features you need, whether you are building an entire DIY home security system or want an outdoor security camera to protect your yard. Do you want the spotlight to scare intruders or finer IR night vision? Wired, Battery Powered, or Solar Powered? Is 1080p resolution enough? And is one outdoor security camera brand better than the rest? We help you decide on the best outdoor security cameras on the market in every category.

1.  Foscam G4 Outdoor Security Camera

The Foscam Outdoor Security Camera can be set to human-detection only, minimizing unwanted alerts from flying debris, falling leaves, or an animal passing through. It’s weatherproof, has a night vision range of up to 66 feet, and has a 112-degree viewing angle. You will get 7seven days of free cloud storage and a microSD card with up to 128GB of storage. This is the best outdoor security camera that won’t price more than its competitors.

2.  Blink Outdoor Security Camera

These wireless Blink outdoor security cameras are rated to last up to 2 years on two AA batteries so that you can mount them anywhere and never worry about frequent recharges. Otherwise, you will get weather resistance, 2-way audio, and local USB drive storage via the included hub. There is a reason it’s more affordable than other outdoor cameras. There’s no spotlight, so it relies entirely on IR night vision, for better or worse. You have to pay for cloud storage, and it lacks the sound detection or AI person detection of other cameras.

3.  Eufy Security Floodlight Camera

These IP67 weatherproof outdoor security cameras have batteries that will last an entire year on a single charge and are easy to set and recharge. It gives free video storage and, unlike older models, doesn’t require a hub to connect to home Wi-Fi. Also, Eufy gives free human detection on the device, which will help you to reduce those false motion alerts.

4.  EZVIZ C8PF Outdoor Security Camera

If you’ve more than one area you want to survey but don’t want to buy multiple cameras, the EZVIZ C8PF will do the best job. Thanks to multiple focal length cameras, with a 360-degree swivel pan-tilt motor and the ability to zoom in clearly, you can put on a corner and see a vast field of view with just one camera. The EZVIZ gives free detection and onboard storage with a built-in SD card slot.

5.  EZVIZ C3X Outdoor Security Camera

The EZVIZ outdoor security camera has a 360-degree swivel base to place it at the best angle for your home security. There are 2 focal lenses to pick from, one gives a broader view, and another locks in for a closer look. As with these outdoor security cameras, you’ll be alerted once the camera detects motion, but it will also set off a siren and activate strobe lights. The camera has night vision and is dustproof and waterproof. It includes one month of free cloud storage and a MicroSD slot.

6.  Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight Outdoor Security Camera

Arlo sells wireless floodlight outdoor security cameras if you want to keep them far away from the junction box, which is a huge benefit. The Arlo Pro 3 Floodlight shoots in 2K HDR at 160º FOV with superior color night vision and 2000 lumens brightness, giving clearer footage than most 1080p floodlight cameras. You can jump to 3000 lumens if you buy the 25-foot USB charging cable. Also, it will work with Alexa and Google Assistant and has a built-in siren. You will want to subscribe to Arlo Smart for intelligent alerts and cloud storage.

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