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Building the perfect wardrobe can sound daunting, and getting started is always the most difficult part. But creating a well-rounded wardrobe that you can rock for any plans, any occasion, and any season all starts with the staples. Once you have the essentials covered, you can branch out with all your favorite colors and styles. From fitted tops and classic jeans to neutral-colored sweaters and more, here are some essential styles you need to build a well-balanced wardrobe.

Fitted Short Sleeve and Long Sleeve Tees

Every closet needs fitted long sleeve tees and short sleeve tees. This wardrobe staple can literally go with any style you want to pair it with, from skirts to trousers, shorts, and more. Just find a brand that fits you well, and stock up on some classic white and black tees in both short and long sleeve cuts for the upcoming chilly months.

White and Black Tanks

Tank tops are another essential style to keep in your closet. The right tank top can be used as a foundational fashion piece no matter the time of the year. Whether it’s summertime and the focal point of your look or the foundation of a fun and cozy layered outfit, don’t sleep on the fashion statement a great tank top can help you make.

Neutral Knitwear

Knitwear is a stunning part of any well-rounded wardrobe—and perfect for layering during the fall and winter. It’s the combination of chic style and coziness wrapped in one. Neutral colors are always best for knitwear because you can layer it with any of your favorite styles, and the colors will blend seamlessly.

Ribbed Dresses

Looking for the perfect balance of casual chic and with a feminine touch? Rib dresses are the ideal addition to anyone’s wardrobe. They’re a form-fitting and flattering way to enhance your natural curves with all the comfort of a ribbed tank top. You can dress this look up or down to create your ideal outfit, no matter what you have planned.

Black Leggings

Black leggings have been an essential style for some time now, and that is purely because they are so versatile and comfortable. Whether you’re going to work out, kick back on the couch for a movie marathon, run some errands, or meet your girlfriends for coffee, a pair of black leggings will always be there to help you look fabulous. Leggings are the everyday style that won’t let you down.

White and Blue Jeans

This one might sound obvious, but jeans and fashion are utterly synonymous. You really cannot go wrong with a well-fitting pair of jeans and a fitted tee, tank, or other top. Once again, your jeans are versatile enough to complement your style all year long, regardless of where you live. With a closet full of these styles and reliable denim to top it off, you’ll have everything you need to look and feel your best every day of the week.

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