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There’s nothing like taking that first sip of piping hot coffee in the morning to kick off your day… only to discover it’s so bitter you can’t determine the tasting notes. It’s unpleasant for your taste buds and instantly brings down the mood—a sad way to start the day. While some bitterness may be a part of the flavor profile of a cup of coffee, bitterness shouldn’t be a dominant taste.

If your favorite coffee suddenly tastes bitter when it didn’t before, here are some common culprits and how to remedy the situation, as life is too short for bitter coffee.

Problem: Grinding Coffee Into Oblivion

Did you know your grind’s size can impact your coffee’s tasting notes? Coffee brewing is a science, and one of the leading causes of bitter coffee is over-extraction, or grinding your coffee too fine. Many mistakenly assume that to experience the most tasting notes from their coffee, they must keep grinding away until it’s so fine the water barely passes through it. While this will extract many tasting notes, it may not be the tasting notes you wanted—a classic example of over-extraction. Much like using water that’s too hot, having more exposed surface area throughout your grounds can result in excess bitterness getting extracted and ending up in your cup.

Solution: The solution is simple: Stop grinding your coffee too fine. While yes, you want a certain type of grind for different brewing methods, if you are using a finer grind in your brewing process than before and experiencing coffee bitterness, your grind is likely the culprit. Try using a coarser grind to see if it solves your bitterness. Sorting this out is key to enjoying your small-batch artisanal coffee from your favorite online coffee roasters to the fullest.

Problem: Letting the Coffee Steep Too Long

Letting the coffee steep too long is a common mistake, particularly when making French press coffee, as many people tend to leave the coffee in the French press, even after pushing the plunger down. The problem with this is the coffee continues to extract, so the next cup you pour will inevitably be more bitter than the first.

Solution: If you want to drink your coffee at a leisurely, slower pace, transfer it immediately to a thermal carafe to keep it hot.

Problem: Using Scalding Hot Water

Water temperature plays a crucial role in coffee brewing; if it’s too hot, you’ll extract the bitter compounds.

Solution: According to the National Coffee Association, 195°F to 205°F is the ideal water temperature for optimal extraction. Water boils at 212°F, so do not let your water overboil, and wait a minute before pouring over your grounds.

Problem: Dirty Brewing Equipment

Over-extraction and scalding water aren’t the only culprits to blame for bitterness. Leftover coffee residue from the last time you brewed it can affect the tasting notes of future cups.

Solution: Keep your brewing equipment and tools squeaky clean for a better-tasting cup of coffee.

Problem: Eating or Drinking Something Sweet Beforehand

It might surprise you to learn that taking a sip or bite of something sweet before sipping your coffee can lead to a case of the bitter face. Who knew an innocent sweet tooth could betray you like that?

Solution: Help avoid bitter coffee by saving the sweets for an after-coffee treat.

Problem: Staying on the Dark Side

Coffee preferences and tastes are subjective, and our expectations for coffee can vary depending on what we’re accustomed to drinking. Tastes can change, and our perception of bitter foods and beverages can shift over time.

Solution: If you find that dark roasts are too bitter, try a coffee box subscription from a third wave independent roaster, as they produce lighter roasts that enhance the tasting notes of the coffee.

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