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There are a lot of misconceptions out there in martial arts when it comes to self-defence. Some people do not realize that a ton of self-defence training is missing critical aspects encountered if the defender was attacked in real life. The following is a list of common fallacies, misconceptions and myths that we hear all the craziest things:

People Think of Dangerous Events as “Just” Physical Fights.

Self-defense courses seem to focus on some pretty basic techniques, such as a bear hug, punch and slap, etc., but these techniques assume that these specific things will happen consistently up until you're able to defend yourself. If someone is caught off guard, then chances are they won't know what to do. Unfortunately, there's no magic technique for all situations; however, the best self-defense strategy is always prevention! Don't go looking for trouble in the first place, and if something does happen, create a plan, so you know how to get away from it if needed. Far too many people are convinced that fighting back with kicks or punches will help them when in reality, these are not strategies of defence but instead attempts at retaliation which tends not to do much good when an attacker had already knocked someone unconscious before they were able to respond violently.

People Think That Martial Arts and Self-defence are The Same Things.

The final fight scene in any martial arts movie is always enjoyable to watch, but often it's unrealistic. You shouldn't expect that you'll be as talented as the actors in these films, and yet they can send their opponents flying through the air or across the screen in a single kick, and there's nobody but their trainer to stop them; from doing so! It's certainly possible to hurt someone with a weapon, but more often than not, real fights turn into wrestling matches where both people meet up face-to-face and try to take the upper hand. It can be quite daunting for those trained in a specific fighting style, so ensure that your training isn't all fun and games!

People Think They Need to Be Fit to Be Able to Defend Themselves.

Let's be realistic: the world isn't always fair, and people are often looking for an opportunity to take advantage of you. To this end, there is no shame in practising your self defense skills as often as possible, whether that involves taking a karate class or learning how to defend yourself on the street by putting pressure behind your closed fist. Of course, you never know when someone might try to test your resolve – but, let's face it, if you're only willing to bend so far when it comes down to fighting back, then why even go through the charade? Make sure that you're always up for going above and beyond whenever necessary because, let's face it, every situation is different!

People Mostly Train in Scenarios That are Not Realistic.

This is a tough one for a lot of martial arts instructors. Understanding how the human body and mind function, how we respond under stress, what will or won't happen in a real-world situation and how to experience that in training sessions is not easy. No matter what, no training will ever be entirely realistic because the moment you step into an actual dojo with mats on the floor instead of on concrete, you've taken away an equally important factor—the shock of falling onto something thin and relatively soft.

People Think That it is Just Themselves They Will Need to Protect in Isolation.

In our programs, not only do we teach you to protect yourself, but we also train you to protect those around you. Within a real-world scenario, you would most likely not be alone, and you would possibly need to protect your family as well. Would you be able to deliver if you are with your spouse, kids, family, friends, and colleagues? How would you deal with the situation if you are with your kids compared to alone? What would you do if you could not run away or needed to shield those with you? Do you spend most of your time alone or with people? Protecting people around you should be part of the equation and your plan.


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