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Ever since smartphones came out, their sales have skyrocketed worldwide. With the increased smartphone sales, the demand for mobile apps has skyrocketed too. Mobile app development companies are continuously delivering new apps for their clients. As the number of mobile apps grew in the market, the competition for the same has become stiff. Entrepreneurs are searching for the latest mobile app development trends to cut the market competition. If you are an entrepreneur looking to build a mobile app, this article is for you.

We will cover the latest trend so that you can brainstorm and align to develop a mobile app that runs parallel to the trend.

Internet of things (IoT)

Internet of things might sound like a very simple set of words, but it involves dynamic trends in the digital industry. Since everything is becoming smart by creating possibilities with the digital world, entrepreneurs are looking to develop solutions that ease the lives of customers. For example, smart home appliances can be connected to mobile apps where users can control them directly from their smartphones. The smartphone penetration rate in 2021 was 12.2 %, and the number of smartphones worldwide reached 258.54 million. You can imagine how the smart devices connected to home appliances are converting the houses. So, while building a mobile app, implement the internet of things to bring smart innovations to society.

Artificial intelligence and machine learning

Artificial intelligence is catching the phase to revolutionize digital products. Mobile apps are setting the bars of artificial intelligence to a new level. For example, the camera app in Google pixel smartphones is rich in Artificial intelligence. It analyzes the subject and environment efficiently to produce better pictures. For example, Australian CSIRO Data61 technology have shown a brilliant example of the use of AI to diagnose mental health patients. Sooner or later, mobile app development companies in Australia will bring this technology to mobile apps where it can diagnose mental disorders. Similarly, the machine learning algorithms installed in the hardware are revolutionizing how hardware communicates with software. Google phone analyzes battery usage and the state of the physical battery in such a manner that it continuously learns the patterns of user behavior. Chatbots are another example of AI and Machine learning simultaneously since they learn user behavior and intelligently answer the queries of users.

Cross-platform mobile app development

In the mobile app market, there are only two main players: Android and iOS. If you are trying to build an app for one platform only, then you are free to choose your preferred mobile app development voice. But, if you want to target both the mobile operating systems, then you can choose Cross-Platform mobile app development, which is also in trend. Tech Giants like Facebook have already achieved success in implementing the model of Cross-platform mobile app development. Now a huge number of businesses are targeting cross-platform mobile app development by shifting to cross platforms like React Native and Flutter. You can build the code for Android and port the same code to iOS without any separate efforts. The overall cost of developing Cross-platform mobile apps is less with the same power of native app development. Stack overflow, a forum site for developers, noted that from 2018 to 2022, the percentage of Flutter questions asked increased from 0.10% to 2.80%, proving the power of cross-platform app development.

Event streaming and video calling apps

After the pandemic, online video calling apps became a hit in the market. From companies to schools, all the institutions carried out their business operations using video conferencing apps. During the pandemic, events like sports matches were streamed online on the internet platforms since spectators were not allowed to join the matches. Entrepreneurs can build stream and video conferencing apps with unique features. To deliver unique features, they have to perform a competitor's study.

Virtual reality and Augmented reality

Do not get shocked if you find out that you can try clothes purchased from shopping websites directly on your avatar. Augmented reality is making it possible since users can project everything directly in their camera app. Virtual reality is another digital trend where users can feel virtual things just like they are happening in real-time and physically. Meta (previously known as Facebook) 10 billion dollars on the metaverse in 2021. You can imagine the future market of AR and VR by watching the investment of Facebook.


Wearable technology is becoming popular. People prefer smartwatches instead of digital or analog watches. You can build a watch OS, roll out your own smartwatch brand or create a mobile app that connects to the smartwatches. Smartwatches are efficient in tracking users' activity, blood pressure, and other health elements. Further, health apps, with the assistance of wearable devices, are gamifying the overall health activities where users can share their health activities with their friends and family. The market for wearables is broad. In Australia, the market for wearables is multiplying since the public is adopting it faster, especially after the pandemic. This is the reason why even mobile app development companies in Australia are targeting the services for wearable development.

Ending words

Above are 6 digital trends that every entrepreneur must consider and understand before launching their startup in the digital world. Although, the major common thing in all the above trends is the integration of mobile apps. You can almost integrate a mobile app with every trend, so building a mobile app might be your take in 2022. But, ensure that you select a top mobile app development company to maximize your success.




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