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6 examples of must-not-overlook swimming pool supplies for spring 2022

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We’re now well into January, and you know what that means: being back at work and (sadly) unable to indulge in the pleasures of your swimming pool. But while it might not exactly be “swimming season”, we also all know that the spring and summer will come around again quickly. And when it does, you will want to be prepared to enjoy your pool to the full once more. 

Indeed, due to the relative lack of demand, this is one of the best times of year to actually purchase many of the swimming pool supplies you are likely to most depend on during the warmer months. 

Here, then, are just some of the products for your swimming pool that we suggest you replenish right now. 

A solar cover 

Such is the demand for swimming pool solar covers these days, that it really helps to be savvy with the timing of your purchase of them. The winter can be one such good time, for obvious reasons – so don’t be afraid to order your rectangle, round or made-to-measure pool cover today, to ensure the perfect cover is ready for use on your pool come the spring. 

A cover reel system 

Given how much you are likely to spend on a swimming pool solar cover if you do buy one this January, it doesn’t make much sense to then not take good care of it. The right reel system can be instrumental in ensuring this, while making it easier to handle your solar cover – and here at Pool Warehouse, we offer an extensive range of trusted, high-quality and easy-to-assemble options

A reel cover 

Yes, at the risk of us starting to sound a bit confusing, it’s a good idea to have a cover for the reel itself, too! Admittedly, this is more a purchase for immediate use in the winter, than something you might buy for the spring or summer, given how it can help protect your reel system from the harsh elements. Still, we’re offering many reel covers on handsome discounts at the moment, such as this great medium-sized one, so we thought we might as well mention them here. 


Swimming pool chemicals are a whole important category in themselves, which we cover in much greater detail in our downloadable pool chemistry guide. Needless to say, it can be so easy to find yourself running out of many of these vital chemicals in the middle of the swimming season, so it could be well worth replenishing your supplies of chlorine tablets and granules right now. 

An above-ground pool starter pack 

Sometimes, it isn’t always easy to determine or keep track of everything you need when it comes to swimming pool supplies. That’s why it might be well worth keeping a lookout for great deals on combined products that will help you ‘cover all the bases’ at the same time as saving money. Consider something like this starter pack for above-ground pools, which includes chlorine, algaecide, and test strips to assist you in getting started. 

A selection of inflatables 

For our final inclusion in this rundown, we could’ve cited something ‘serious’ and obviously important, such as the necessary cleaning equipment. But we thought we would also point out that ‘essential’ swimming pool supplies can be fun! The inflatable loungers, toys and games in our present range include all the options you’re likely to require in order to get more out of your pool come the spring and summer. 

The above may represent just a quick tour of our online store’s product range, but it’s also a reminder that there’s a lot you can be doing as a swimming pool owner at the moment, to prepare for the hotter and warmer months on the horizon. Don’t forget, too, the free mainland UK standard delivery of stock items – excluding solar covers – that we offer if you spend more than £80. 




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