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Kerala- a state known for its palm-lined beaches, spices, food, culture and so much. But apart from these Kerala is so much more about the other things. Here are 5 facts about Kerala that might have surprised you, if you go on Kerala Backpacking without knowing them. So here we go!



We have a piece of good news for you!! Traveling in Kerala isn’t as pricey as you think it to be. It can be a good starter state for your expedition to Southern India. You get to enjoy glorious beaches, mesmerizing sunsets, rich culture, and delicious cuisine, yet it is cheaper than the food and accommodation of some other beach locations, such as Goa. Plus, Kerala is a less crowded tourist spot, so it lets you experience its beauty in peace and tranquility.

So, if you’re looking for a good value place that offers you beaches, culture, food, and solace in a single place Kerala is the right place for you.


While you can plan your Kerala trip any time during the year, yet every place has its peak time when it is present in its most beautiful form. For Kerala, that time is between October and March.

Kerala being a coastal area gets humid during monsoon, while blistering hot summer makes it hard for travelers to enjoy it to the fullest. So it is advisable to book your Kerala package and explore the state in the months from October to March.


We guarantee you that during your Kerala trip, you’re going to witness Ayurveda shops in every corner you visit. Here you can find medicine for almost every disease or skin problem. You will find it very hard to resist buying at least a few of this medicine even if as to only see it works or as a souvenir.

The same can be said about the spice shops in Kerala. A variety of spices from cumin seeds, black pepper, chilly powder and so much more. So get ready to go on a shopping spree and buy some organic Ayurveda products and some spices for your friends and family.


Well, most people come to Kerala with a stereotype in their minds that everyone in Kerala speaks English. This stereotype emerges from the high literacy of the state, hence people commonly assume that English would be widely spoken in Kerala. In the end, it’s just a stereotype and in reality, you will find difficulty in communicating with localities in Kerala. Although you won’t have a problem communicating on a basic level, you won’t either be able to have a long meaningful conversation with the locals.

If you’re planning your Kerala trip, it is always better to learn a few basic words of Malayalam Tamil (Malayalam is the official language of Kerala but a large portion also speaks Tamil. Putting an effort to learn their language will leave a friendly and warm impression that you’re willing to learn more about their culture and language.

  1.     ALCOHOL

While Kerala is not a ‘dry’ state, the policy of the Government of Kerala on giving license and permission for providing alcohol is a pretty strict one. Hence the prices of alcohol in the state are higher than you’d find in other Indian states.

Well, you can find a bar to quench your thirst for a bottle of beer but you’ll find them a bit pricey. A solution to this problem is taking your liquor along with you and most restaurants allow visitors to bring their alcohol. So there you go, enjoy your day!


Just like a few places such as Calcutta and Mumbai that are also known by their other names (Kolkata and Bombay), Kerala is filled with such places. Due to the linguistic complexity of Kerala and remnants of colonialism, you may note that several towns or airports are referred to by two or three different names. For example, Allepey is also called Allapahauza and Trivandrum as Thiruvananthapuram.

It means you need to be aware of their other names too, to not get confused and mix up places. Time to work on your GK!

These were some 5 fun facts as well must-known facts about Kerala before you go ahead and book your Kerala tour package. Every day we learn something new and what a fun ride it was to learn something new about this fascinating beautiful state-Kerala.




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