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6 Impressive Reasons Why You Have To Own a Cricut Access

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Cricut Access can unlock the barrier to the users to use thousands of fonts images, all in a small monthly fee.

Many crafters ask the question, “Do I need Cricut Access?” Cricut Access gives a lot of fonts, images, and projects that take you to the next level only on a monthly subscription. But you need to pay some extra amount. So Cricut Access is really a valuable tool for its users.

Suppose you’re a crafter and want to take up your project level. Then you have to own Cricut equipment in your own place. This is an important tool for crafters manufactured by an American Brand. We’ve right down the best Cricut machine in our and also for the best Cricut Accessories which have much more attractive features.

When you know the difference between Cricut Design and Cricut Access, you may be shocked after knowing the difference between them. Cricut design is good, free, and not optional. It’s a good app but has a limited amount of fonts, images, and a few projects. If you don’t get these designs, your Cricut machine won’t work.

Additionally, it provides you with access to over 200,000 images and 700 fonts. And it gives you thousands of design projects that you use for your personal projects for a monthly or annual fee. You could use some other apps to design your own art and fonts. But Cricut Access is the best or easiest alternative to increase Design space. Given the below six reasons, you have to get a subscription to Cricut Access.

1. Cricut Access provides you with 200,000 images

Suppose you are not a fantastic designer or don’t have excellent artistic skills to be capable of designing exciting and amazing projects because it provides you with 200,000 images for your project.

Cricut Access gives you a lot of images that you can use for your projects. These images can be used in so many different ways, like drawing using the best Cricut pen, cutting, or using the print and cut function. Also, you can buy these images individually whether you don’t have Cricut Access. But it is much more expensive, and you also lose the exclusive Cricut content.

2. Cricut Access gives you 700+ fonts

What type of fonts do you use for your personalized water bottle or your favorite words on a T-shirt? That’s a matter. If you get access, then you have more than 700 fonts for your projects.

But if you want to add some extra personal things to your projects, then the writing fonts will be perfect. Some advice on behalf of our Cricut shirt design is that this machine is good for clothing design and crafting bags.

3. Cricut Access provides some unique perks

If you’re thinking of taking a new Cricut machine or equipment like Cricut Mug Press, then you have to subscribe to Cricut Access. After that, you get a 10% discount.

It also provides machine tools, infusible ink, vinyl, and pens which are very costly, but these are all given to help you. Even If you go to the Cricut shop, there is a discounted price for every tool for Cricut members. And there are also some fantastic subscriber deals such as subscribers-only projects, licensed design, and collections.

4. It is easy to cancel the Cricut Access

It is easy to sign up on Cricut Access, and even it is very simple to cancel. In starting, there may be some months where you don’t use the Cricut Access much more. And that’s ok because when you log in to Cricut Access, you don’t need to take a contract.

If you want to cancel your Cricut Access, it can be canceled at any time, like Netflix or Disney plus. In spite of that, when you cancel the contract, you will no longer have access to images, fonts, and ready projects.

5. The cost of the Cricut Access is very low

The cost of a monthly subscription to Cricut Access is $9.99 / £7.49. And if you want to get more discounts or savings, then you choose the annual subscription, which costs $95.88 / £71.88. This is a surprising value that provides you benefits on your Cricut Access.

If you want to buy images, fonts, and projects individually, then its cost is $3.99 / £1.99 for images or $6.99 / £4.99 for fonts. The project which was fully provided is much more costly. On taking the subscription, you get access to a library full of images, fonts, and projects.

6. You get access to do your projects

If you are not an expert in designing a project, Cricut Access provides you with thousands of professionally pre-designed projects. These projects are good to do unique projects whether you have skills or not. Most of the designs or projects which are provided by Cricut Access are customized and easy to use. You can also use and edit whatever you want to add to these customized designs or projects. There are many new projects which should be made every holiday or celebration. Again it’s a really wonderful library where you find out what sells, how designs work, and where to place your own unique projects.

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