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Moving into a larger home is exciting, but it can also present a number of challenges. For instance, when you’re used to working in a smaller kitchen, it can be tough to determine the best way to expand your cookware collection, dining set, and food storage solutions to fill the space. There are some obvious additions you can make, like a larger selection of pots and pans or a new set of china for entertaining guests. However, some upgrades may not immediately come to mind. From a new set of high-quality food containers to a knife sharpener and more, here are six kitchen essentials you need when moving into a larger home.

A Salad Spinner

Whether you’re making a salad for yourself or guests, rinsing, draining, and tossing the salad can take a lot of prep time. It can also be a hassle to be sure your rinsed salad is thoroughly drained. You definitely don’t want to serve a soggy salad. That’s why a salad spinner is essential. It’s effectively able to drain and mix the salad for you. The time you save makes a salad spinner a must-have item in any kitchen.

A Quality Set of Large and Small Food Containers

It is always worthwhile to invest in a quality set of food containers. In addition to helping you save money on your food budget, good food containers are also effective for helping significantly reduce food waste. That’s good for you, good for your wallet, and good for the planet! Your best bet is to choose reliable food containers from a trustworthy name you know will meet your needs. Be sure the set offers a wide array of containers, from big container options for storing leftovers to a small container selection when you want to save small amounts of food, sauces, or extra herbs and spices.

A Set of Splatter Guards

Spending lots of time cleaning off your stove and counters after cooking with oil, meats, sauces, or anything else that could cause some splatter doesn’t have to be a given. A splatter guard that covers the top of the pan can significantly reduce any potential mess. Be sure to buy a set that offers a variety of pan and skillet sizes.

A Quality Bowl Set

Having more space in the kitchen makes larger cooking and baking projects easier and more appealing. Bigger projects mean you’ll most likely need a larger selection of mixing bowls. Find a high-quality bowl set to make those projects a reality. Search for a set with leakproof lids for a truly versatile option.

A Knife Sharpener and Ceramic Hone

It’s fairly common for anyone moving into a new, larger kitchen space to pick up a brand new set of high-quality kitchen knives. If that’s the case for you, don’t forget to complement that purchase with a quality knife sharpener and hone. Invest in a trustworthy pull-through or “v- sharpener” featuring coarse and fine slots. Be sure to upgrade with a ceramic hone too. Ceramic knife hones both hone and sharpen your knives—a bonus for any at-home chef!

An Easy-Dismantle Pair of Kitchen Shears

As invaluable as your new set of sharp, quality kitchen knives can be, there may be times when you need another solution—kitchen shears. Kitchen shears make countless food preparation jobs quite a bit easier. Be sure to buy an easy-dismantle pair for easy cleaning.

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