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A luxury home doesn’t mean only having a well-decorated home but also having expensive items in your abode. The items are the objects that set you apart from others, lift you up and show your superiority in and around your locality.

If you are serious about having a luxury life, you need to have sophisticated items in your living room, kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and other parts of your home. Here are some refined objects that you must have your home:

1. Egyptian cotton bedding

According to a study, an average person spends approximately 26 years of his life in sleeping- so why you should do it in style. There is no need to purchase a polyester suit to settle for synthetic sheets. Egyptian cotton is the best for your stylish and comfortable bedroom. You can enhance your comfort by shopping an Egyptian cotton bed with a 1200 thread count. The Snow bed array, from Australian luxury sheetmakers Sheridan, executes the job well.

2. Pieces of art

Art, such as books, display that you have opinions, tastes, and passion adequate that you want to observe the same thing in your everyday life. Based on budget, it’s not the count of your art love, but it is your explanation for having it. The art piece could be a pencil sketch done by an emerging artist friend or a multi-million dollar Klimt masterpiece. Hanging your favorite art pieces on your home walls shows that you respect the artists who are engaged in doing something extraordinary.

3. Attractive and comfortable bathing items

Making your home for a luxury feel allows you to go beyond your living room and bedroom. Your bathroom is the place where you spend a little time everyday and additional time on weekends. You desire to have spa like feeling at your home while bathing in the bathroom. From bathtub to a bamboo shower caddy (bathtub tray), shower sheet, and bathing bench, you should have all the items that can enable you to having a unique shower experience.

4. A writing desk

Apart from increasing your productivity, a writing desk also look a lot more chivalrous in comparison with sitting on your sofa having a laptop perched on your lap. As with artwork, your writing desk don’t need to be a lavish, leather-topped crafted from deep and rich wood. It just has to be clean, stylish, and fit for use. It fits the bill, with drawers for stationery, a modern twist, and clean lines on the typical concrete wood design.

5. A cocktail set 

A cocktail set is the keystone of your entertaining munitions store. Therefore, invest well and the returns will be a joy preparation on special occasion or weekends. Make it sure that your set consists of a staple shaker, jigger, Boston glass, strainers, and muddler. Stirring spoons and pourers are the one you should never miss for a great cocktail set at your home.

6. Wet shaving kit

Shaving is an everyday job. With a good quality kit, such as one from D R Harris, you will have a smooth start every day in each sense of word. A good quality razor and a badger brush are a must, and the adding of a soap bowl and some luxurious aftershave balm can make you feel lavish each day.


The items mentioned above are indicative only. You can come across more objects that can enhance your home look and make your have a luxurious feel. Do an in-depth study about luxury items before shopping them. Your wise and careful decision will help you to attain what you desire to have at your abode.


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