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6 Posture tips by Altrincham Manchester Chiropractor

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6 Posture tips by Altrincham Manchester Chiropractor



Having a good posture becomes difficult due to the constant use of phones and computers. Nowadays, slouching has become a diehard habit that is tough to break. Your poor posture causes severe damage to your spinal health. It is also the potential reason behind headache, neck pain, shoulder pain, back pain, and stiffness. 


Chiropractic treatment helps people with their spinal alignment, which helps them to achieve a proper posture. It is an effective therapy that uses various hands-on spinal manipulation and treatments to treat spinal alignment. It enables the body to heal without any medications and surgeries. 


In this blog, we have shared some helpful posture tips by Altrincham Manchester Chiropractor that you can use to improve your posture and spinal health.


6 Most valuable tips to improve your posture 


1. Adjust your screen chair height to the proper level

Your screen chair height plays a significant role in achieving a good posture. The suitable height of your chair allows your knees to be at or slightly below the level of the hips. Also, rest your feet on the ground or solid foot rest. The height of your screen must be at your eye level. It will effectively save you from bad posture problems like slumped shoulders, neck pain, and shoulder pain. 


2. Avoid staying longer in the same position

Staying longer in one position can cause discomfort and stiffness. Taking small breaks throughout the day will help you to overcome the problem of bad posture. We advise you to take a 3-5 minute break after every 1-2 hours. Do some light stretching exercises and walking during these breaks. These breaks will help reduce muscle stiffness and improve blood circulation.


3. Use a foam roller or posture roll

Make a habit of using a foam roll or posture roll. It will help you to attain proper posture. Laying on a posture roll or foam roller for a few minutes will significantly improve your posture. You can increase the time of using posture roll as per your posture condition. We recommend you to consult a chiropractor before using devices like foam or posture roll. 


4. Do regular exercise

By doing regular exercise, you will improve not only your posture but also your general health. Exercises like strength and cardiovascular training will help you remain upright without slouching. Additionally, it strengthens your core muscles, helping reduce back pain and benefit your body in many ways.


5. Wear supportive shoes

Avoid wearing high-heeled shoes if you have to stand for an extended period. High-heeled shoes adversely affect the body’s center of gravity and change the alignment of your body. It significantly impacts your body posture and sometimes causes you injuries. So, to avoid pain and injuries you should wear supportive shoes. These shoes come in the normal heel and have a cushion to support your feet.


6. Get Regular Chiropractic Adjustments

Regular chiropractic adjustments will help you to gain the correct posture. However, we advise you to visit a qualified chiropractor for proper spinal adjustment. He/She will provide you with appropriate motion treatment and better mobility. Your chiropractor also teaches you some exercises and provides you with a diet plan. Following your chiropractor’s advice will improve your body posture and overall health.



We hope our tips will help you improve your body posture. A proper body posture is necessary for living a healthy life. It significantly prevents back and shoulders pain. Though gaining a good posture will take time, with proper chiropractic care, you will achieve this milestone. If you are looking for an excellent clinic to get chiropractic treatment, then CT Clinic will prove to be the best choice. We are one of the best clinics for Manchester back pain and Manchester physiotherapy treatment. Contact us at info@ctclinic.co.uk to book an appointment or learn more about our services.




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