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6 Questions To Ask Before Hiring Managed IT Services Provider

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Are you thinking of hiring a managed IT services provider? If yes, consider some things and ask questions before you hire MSP for your project. Finding the right talent for your project is challenging for businesses in this changing technological landscape. The demand for the right talent outweighs the available talent, which is expected to grow soon. With technological development, the IT field is growing more complex and specialized. 

So, many businesses and their internal IT departments need help finding the right partner to provide the necessary upgrades and patches regarding the help desk support technology. However, they don’t have the bandwidth to monitor the latest cybersecurity threats and help plan future growth. 

For these and other reasons, technology partners and more businesses are opting for managed IT services, which will provide the necessary updates regarding the technology. 

However, partnering with a suitable managed IT services provider helps businesses streamline operations, save money, and enhance productivity. If your business accommodates, the need for managed IT services is greater, but not all providers are the same or offer great services.  

Before signing a contract with a service provider, you can ask questions below regarding the services you want to include in your project. 

List Of Questions to Consider While Hiring A Managed IT Services Provider 

Before finalizing the project deal, ask the Managed IT Services Provider some questions. 

Do Levels of Services Vary?

Understanding your capacity to expand services as your business grows is crucial. At the outset, inquire about a detailed breakdown of services to ensure they align with your business model. While the cost of service and the technology supporting your company's IT infrastructure are key considerations, it's essential to recognize that cutting costs and having advanced tools won't make up for subpar service. Quality service remains paramount, even amid cost considerations and technological aspects.

Start by asking about the MSP's capability to handle the task. The sooner you address this, the better your chances of avoiding future issues and unexpected fees. Opting for shorter contracts, especially for specific or time-sensitive services, is prudent.

Given the wide variation in MSPs' offerings and costs, take the time upfront to understand what your MSP will cover, what it won't, and what expectations you should have. Key services like disaster recovery, backup, network support, and cybersecurity should be within the scope of an excellent MSP.

Find out if the MSP is committed to specific products or providers, such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Apps, or G Suite. While most reputable MSPs are flexible with platforms, some may have preferences that may not align with your business needs. Clarifying these aspects early on ensures a smoother partnership.

How Do You Onboard Your Clients?

Before signing in with a managed IT services provider, you can ask about the onboarding process so you know what to expect and what not to expect in the weeks and months following the signing of a service contract. When technology is involved, there are always going to be learning curves and adjustments required since new resources are engaged and new processes are implemented. 

Managed Services Onboarding Process  

You can ensure your provider has a plan so you are not alone in the transition and adjustment period. A managed IT services provider will support you and your employees throughout. There is a dedicated process that looks like this below.

  • Assign a dedicated project coordinator based on mutual fit with the client.
  • Time to ensure clients grasp the benefits of our Managed IT program. 
  • A timeline is set for the “go live’ launch of services.
  • Your dedicated support team maintains daily communication to update on progress and address any questions.

How are Issues Addressed?

In business, embracing new methods and processes is fantastic—until they hit a snag. When they do, productivity takes a hit, and frustration levels soar. Ask potential providers about their approach to ensure a smooth ride when issues arise. Seek a balance between proactive and reactive plans in their response.

Our Managed IT approach involves an ongoing, proactive assessment of your IT infrastructure. This ensures optimal performance, minimizes downtime, thwarts security threats, and addresses various concerns. The Managed IT team constantly monitors the status and performance of your IT network. A network specialist is on hand to spot potential issues before they impact your business.

Moreover, if an unexpected problem arises, you can always contact your dedicated team supervisor. This way, your team can swiftly act to find a solution.

Do You Have an Ideal Client?

Some providers are better suited for your needs than others. All quality IT providers will value you as a customer, but they may not provide a significant ROI for you. A compatibility matrix is used to determine if your organization can benefit from the services by asking the below-mentioned questions. 

  • How much importance do you give to technology? 
  • What hardware is currently in use in your setup? 
  • Do you have any growth plans?

The answers to the above questions help identify organizations that can benefit from the services through a mutually beneficial partnership. You can also avoid the mistakes while choosing a suitable managed IT services provider for your upcoming project.

How do you Benchmark Client Success?

Before finalizing a managed IT services provider, you want to value their opinion. The company you are in collecting feedback places a high value on it and reacts in beneficial ways. 

Managed Service account managers regularly review your account to evaluate its status and ensure your satisfaction. Furthermore, you'll be able to participate in our company-wide client survey process. The most crucial role of a managed services provider is to assist clients in effectively navigating their interaction with technology.

What Cybersecurity Services are Available?

Cybercrime has significantly increased over the past few years, and the related technology costs have also increased drastically. Cybersecurity is a significant and highly specialized aspect of business. Even with ongoing technological advancements, cybersecurity threats change rapidly month after month. A reliable managed IT provider should offer the following:

  • Ensure your organization complies with the NIST Cybersecurity Framework (CSF) or other nationally recommended guidelines.
  • Conduct a thorough assessment of existing vulnerabilities.
  • Provide multi-layered email and network security to defend against spam and malware.
  • Implement an intrusion detection system with unified technologies to prevent breaches.
  • Establish a backup and recovery plan to minimize potential damage.

The detailed answers to the questions above will give you an excellent overview to decide whether the managed IT service provider is a good fit for your organization.  

Rely on Professionals for Selecting Managed IT Services Provider

Choosing the right one from the different managed IT services provider can be complicated. Answering suitable questions can leverage the true potential of the MSPs for your necessary project. Many MSPs are available to help you find the best one for your company’s security and success. A suitable partner offers the necessary technological solution for an overall idea to support your project. If you are a business owner and want to include the best IT services for your project, consider partnering with a managed IT services provider, which will offer a customizable solution for your business needs.

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