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Are you only doing one type of training each week? If you’re a bodybuilder or have made hypertrophy a big part of your routine, you’re probably all about high reps and lower weight. Sure, you’re getting a killer pump, but take this as your sign to try a little bit of strength-focused work. You won’t end up looking like a burly strongman lifter either, and there are a ton of benefits too. Here are some reasons why it’s worth adding to your training routine the next time you throw on your weightlifting clothing.

Improve Your Overall Strength

The first and most obvious reason is to improve your strength and overall functional fitness. There are different types of strength gains to be had in the iron playground. The high rep, lower weight type of training helps build muscular endurance. This builds the strength your muscles need to sustain longer workouts. For muscular hypertrophy, use moderate to heavyweights. This helps with muscle growth. Finally, lower reps with heavier weights can help build maximum muscular and skeletal strength. This will help you lift more and make you stronger overall. You truly haven’t lived until you’ve focused on increasing your one-rep PR and then achieved it.

Build Size

Just because you’re lowering the rep count and adding more weight doesn’t mean you’re going to lose your gains. In fact, strength training with big compound movements like deadlifts, bench press, squats, and overhead press can help you build size in many different areas. This is especially important for targeting your core and other stabilizer muscles an isolation machine might miss. Your nutrition and diet are crucial in building size, so if you eat right and get your rest, you can still make some serious gains through strength training.

Manage Your Weight

Strength training burns a lot of calories, which can help with weight management. This might be important to you if you are trying to make a specific weight for a competition. As you build muscle, lean muscle mass will help you burn more calories during the day. Plus, you’ll look cut in your bodybuilder clothing when you want to show off the physique you have worked hard for.

Improve Bone Strength

Strong muscles leads to strong bones. Performing exercises that stress your joints and muscles in new ways can help you build denser, stronger bones, which can help you inside and outside of the weight room. Strength training helps target key areas that are prone to fractures, such as hips, spine, and wrists.

Enhance Your Flexibility

Finally, strength training can help you become more flexible as you’ll perform more compound movements that require more joints and muscles at once. It can also help with balance, posture, and coordination. Going through a full range of motion with an exercise helps you increase your mobility and flexibility. If you layer in a stretch session at the end of your lift, you can help amplify this. If you want to feel a little more loose and comfortable in daily life, strength training is a must.

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