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Reviews posted on Amazon have historically been crucial for maximizing popularity and expanding one's customer base online. Studies demonstrate that the amount of online reviews a business has on its website makes it represent sales performance, and doing reviews is among the most important strategies to increase overall profitability. According to recent studies, a simple rating boost from 4.7 to 4.8 stars can result in a 39.9% boost in engagement. For businesses that are still going through rough patches on Amazon, ratings and testimonials are quite important. That is why it is important to hire Amazon experts to help you out.

How To Increase Quality And Quantity Of Sales On Amazon?

For most brands, Amazon is evident in bringing the company's profits as well as success. While other channels are necessary for reaching key audiences and promoting products on a grand scale, new leads are ultimately funnelled through their Amazon page. This makes it even more critical that brands understand how to gain more reviews in 2022 successfully. Here, you will require to go to the professional for Amazon account management.

List Of Tactics To Opt For


  • Use The Amazon Vine Programme For Startups

With the help of Amazon Vine, influential reviewers can submit their own thoughts on items to assist other shoppers in making the best judgments possible. Retailers are permitted to provide these reviewers with freebies with the expectation that they will provide a genuine, frank assessment in exchange. This approach has a high risk/high payoff ratio, as suggested by Amazon consultants. Without being required to make any sales, you can acquire reviews in a short period of time and build up a good customer reputation. The customer might, however, end up submitting a poor evaluation of the product, which would make it simpler for other unfavourable reviews to start coming in.

  • Enter The “Request A Review” Link On The Order Details Page

By clicking the “Request a Review” option on the Order Details page for your purchase, you can directly request reviews. This technique allows you to manually ask for a review of each transaction that appears on Seller Central. After purchasing the item, you have 30 days to utilize this button. This function has the potential to significantly boost your ability to get product reviews when applied properly. Amazon experts can guide you in the right way.

  • Try Increasing Your Email List Subscribers

The severe social limitations that Amazon places on its sellers can be overcome in a number of fantastic ways for companies. It is feasible to make a contact list via social media and other means rather than attempting to connect through the site itself. You can get around the restrictions by including messaging inside your items through package inserts or by contacting customers via social media in order to solicit feedback. Amazon account management is necessary in this case.

  • Make A Post-Purchase Email Series

Even while post-purchase emails might seem like an outdated method of collecting customer testimonials, omnichannel firms wishing to connect with customers other than through the Amazon platform can still benefit from using them. Additionally, Amazon consultants recommend that there are certain automation tools that let you design and monitor post-purchase email cycles.

  • Personally Request Customer Testimonials

It's fine to incorporate certain sales techniques into an omnichannel plan to capitalize on favourable ratings. You can also ask a customer to give you a review if you encounter yourself speaking with them directly through Amazon, irrespective of whether you're assisting them in resolving a problem or responding to general inquiries about an item. Amazon experts help you make sure the consumer is happy and has had a personal experience; they are far more inclined to submit a review for you.

  • Launch Promotions To Boost Your Sales

Many prosperous firms may introduce much-awaited products together with a deal that lowers the price for a set length of time. Making a positive first impression on customers can be accomplished by combining an exclusive offer with a product release. When customers believe they received a fantastic deal together with a superior product, they will be more inclined to leave positive feedback ones at that. Make sure you have an expert by your side to look after your Amazon account management.


All of the proposed solutions for generating client reviews are sincere ways to improve your business as an Amazon merchant. The site takes a very hard stance against buying phoney reviews; in fact, it has blocked dozens of vendors who were discovered purchasing large numbers of reviews—offering incentives, utilizing rebate systems, and paying for robotic review services all fall under this category. Therefore, to avoid any mistakes, make sure to hire Amazon consultants at the right time.

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