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Crafting the perfect eye makeup look often takes time and practice. But even if you’re in a rush, there are some tips you can follow to help you get the perfect look every time. No more smudged eyeliner and crooked cat eyes. Follow these easy tips, and before you know it, you’ll be doing your eye makeup like a pro.

Start with a Freshly Washed Face

You always want to apply your makeup to fresh, clean skin. Your skin naturally produces oils that can cause your makeup to clump and slide, and you never want to layer your new makeup over yesterday’s leftovers. The first step to getting a perfect makeup look is to set yourself up for success with a clean face.

Prime Your Eyes

Using a primer before applying your makeup is a must for longevity. Not only does primer help your makeup stay on longer, but it also helps smooth out your skin texture and helps enhance your makeup’s coverage. In short: Primer can help give you a flawless makeup look every time.

Have the Right Eye Shadow Tools

Having the right eye shadow tools for you can help you create a stunning, effortless look easier and faster. With a premium eye shadow stick, you can quickly apply rich color to your eyelids. You can even take your eye shadow stick with you on the go for touch-ups.

Get Perfect Winged Eyeliner with a Stamp Tool

Eyeliner helps give your eyes that dramatic pop we all love. But creating the perfect eyeliner takes time, like an artist learning to paint. Thankfully, if you use a winged eyeliner stamp, you can get the perfect cat eye on the first try. The best part about using an eyeliner stamp after applying your eye shadow is that there won’t be any mess-ups that cause you to go back and fix your eye shadow.

Highlight Your Brow and Inner Eye

Perfect cat eye makeup is all about framing your eyes. Even if you aren’t going for a heavy makeup look, you should always highlight the inner part of your eye and your brow bone. You can define your eyes and even help them appear bigger by highlighting your brow bones and inner eye.

Don’t Forget Your Lashes

The finishing touch to every makeup look has got to be the eyelashes. Falsies are a great, effortless option to complete your look. False eyelashes create a seamless and beautiful look every time.

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