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Okay, so who’s not a little bit excited for fall? We get to break out our favorite sweaters, indulge in pumpkin spice everything, and feel the crisp air on our faces once again. But while you’re getting excited about all things autumn, remember that your blonde hair care routine needs a little adjusting from the sun-kissed summer season. From daily non-toning purple shampoo and conditioner to keep your locks strong to sealing in your ends and seeing your stylist, here are six tips for maintaining blonde hair in autumn.

Keep Your Locks Hydrated

The most significant difference between summer and fall is the moisture in the air. You lose a lot of moisture when the air turns crisp. And the best way to keep your ends from turning crisp like the leaves falling from the trees is to keep up with your hair’s hydration. Keep your daily non-toning purple conditioner and deep conditioner close by; you’ll need it.

Cool Down Your Heat Styling

As much as we love crafting styles with our curling and flat irons, it’s best to cut back on heat styling when autumn comes knocking on your door. Heat styling can lead to dry ends, excess damage, and breakage. Instead, try out some heatless styling options with styling products like hair texturizer or volumizing spray. If you can’t forgo the heat styling tools, be sure to use products with built-in thermal protection to keep your locks safe.

Get Long-Lasting Brightness with Toning Purple Shampoo

Like the world around you, brassy tones are synonymous with the fall season. Toning purple shampoo should be one of your best friends in the fall. The best toning purple shampoos chase away yellow tones as the chilly air chases us back inside. Look for a toning purple shampoo that takes just 60 seconds to neutralize any brassiness.

Rinse with Cold Water

Your first inclination might be to turn the heat up, but rinsing your hair with cold water is the best way to retain moisture and keep your hair healthy through the fall and winter. So, when the weather really starts to drop, make sure you rinse out your hair with a cooler temp.

Seal in Your Ends with Argan Oil

Frizz and flyaways never seem to go away in the fall, though we wish they would. Sealing in your ends with argan oil is an excellent way to tame your locks and calm frizz. Colder air can dry out hair and lead to split ends, so argan oil is a must-have in your fall hair care arsenal.

Follow Up with Your Stylist

Lastly, when you transition into the fall season, wherever you live, it’s essential to check in with your stylist. Blonde hair can be tricky to maintain, but your stylist is there to help you get the look you love while keeping your hair healthy, no matter the weather outside.

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