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Imagine arriving at Devils Tower National Monument in Wyoming, opening your RV door, and having your cat confidently step out, ready to wear his harness and enjoy the adventure. You can make this cat owner’s dream a reality! Many people take their cats RVing every year. Some people even visit RV dealers specifically searching for RVs and motorhomes that are best suited for their pets.

Maybe you have a cat you want to take along for the ride but aren’t sure how to get started. Many cats can be skittish and stressed by being inside a moving vehicle. However, there are steps you can take to get your small feline friend acclimatized to the RV experience.

Patience Is Key

Some cats are ready to go. Other cats… not so much. Your furry friend may need training before they’re ready to hit the road in an RV. It’s important to note that training can take time. It can take days, weeks, or longer. But if you stay committed to training your cat and allow them to get comfortable in your RV, it can be worth it.

Training Starts in the Driveway

Take training one day at a time. Vehicles of all kinds can be a source of stress for cats. The key is to start slow. In some cases, you’ll need to start very slow. Your cat may only be able to tolerate a few minutes a day. Start in a stationary vehicle in the driveway or garage with your cat in a crate or carrier. Then, you can work your way up from there.

Take Your Cat Around the Block

After a while, you’ll be able to sit in the vehicle while it’s running. Then, you can work up to driving around the block with your cat in a carrier. The goal is to get the cat used to being in a loud, moving vehicle. Eventually, it can be good to let the cat out of the carrier so they can explore the vehicle and look out the windows. Again, it’s all about taking one day at a time!

Get Your Cat Accustomed to a Harness

This is a big step before heading out on the open road. If your cat is already harness-trained, perfect! If not, you won’t want to skip this tip. Training can be as simple as putting your cat in a harness every day. You can take them outside and walk with them. It’s important to let them explore and sniff around while in a harness. It’s also important to reward them with a treat for a job well done!

Let Your Cat Wander the RV

Another essential step to take before hitting the road with your cat is simply letting them spend time in your RV. When they can get used to the space, they’ll feel more comfortable. If you’ve just bought your new Super C RV for sale, you want to give your cat plenty of time to get their scent on the RV (which happens as they spend time lounging and rolling around). Continue training by placing their litter box, food, and water in the RV. Be sure to keep the litter box and food separated if you can—most cats prefer it this way.

When Is Your Cat Ready?

Your cat is ready for adventure when you feel your cat looks comfortable in your RV. If they show a calm demeanor while in the RV and while driving around, that’s a good sign. If they seem eager to wear their harness, that’s another good sign. Use your best judgment, be patient, and get ready for an un-fur-gettable adventure!

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