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There’s nothing worse than a three-putt hole that drags down your entire score. If it happens consistently, your whole day on the golf course can feel like a struggle. If you want to work on your putts, you’re in the right place. Grab your trusty clubs, throw on your favorite golf apparel, and head to your local practice green. With these six tips, you can start sinking more putts.

Find the Grip That Works for You

Your grip has a bigger impact on your putting technique than you might think. It’s important to test different variations to find one that works for you. Once you land on an option that feels natural, stick to it.

Here are a couple of grips you can consider:

• Standard: The most popular grip. Your right hand is below your left, with your left fingers overlapping the ones on your right.

• Cross-Handed: This is the reverse of the standard grip. Your left hand goes below your right to help keep your wrists locked.

• The Claw: This is a newer grip, but it’s growing in popularity. Your left hand is in a conventional position, while your right hand holds the handle with just your thumb and forefinger.

• The Wristlock: For this grip, place your left hand close to the bottom of the handle and press your forearm against the club. The goal here is stabilizing your wrist, as the name implies.

Find a grip that works for you and keep it consistent to master the rest of your putting game.

Develop a Routine and Stick to It

Muscle memory is king for consistent putting. The more you think, the likelier you are to overthink. Etch your putting routine into stone. Your grip, stance, practice swings, follow-through, and posture should be the same every time. Even aspects like your breathing pattern and stretches should be automatic. That way, you know what to expect every time.

Minimize Extra Movement

Unnecessary and extra movement can throw off your putt. Your technique should start with a solid foundation in your lower body. Keep your feet planted on the ground and lock your hips in place. Your spine should also stay straight as you putt. Any extra movement makes it much harder to find a consistent stroke.

Visualize the Putting Path

While lining up your putt, you don’t want to look only at the hole or the ball. A good technique to help you simplify your goal is to visualize a groove cutting from your ball to the hole. This is your putting path, and now you can aim to stay on this path. Visualization is also a helpful strategy to make sure you don’t overthink your next putt.

Keep Your Swing Speed Consistent

New golfers think they have to swing faster on putts further from the whole. This isn’t the case. You should keep your swing speed consistent no matter where you are on the green.

What does change is how far back you pull your backswing. For longer shots, bring your putter back further. But don’t swing any faster than you normally would. Increasing your swing speed can unintentionally affect the rest of your mechanics.

Use a Custom-Fit Putter

There’s one important element of your short game that you can fix off the course.

That’s scheduling a golf club fitting and finding a customized putter for your needs.

At a club fitting, an expert can help identify the details of your swing and recommend a putter that suits your style best. Whether it’s altering the head weight, switching up the loft and lie, or altering the shaft length, there are many ways to build a putter that helps improve your performance.

With these tips and a custom-fit putter, your green performance will have you feeling like a machine and moving on to the next hole in no time.

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