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Keychains might not ring bells and whistles because of their size. But they are one of the most practical items with many purposes. A look back into history would tell that people have been using them since the invention of locks. The materials and designs might have changed, but they are as helpful as they were then. With the onset of the 19th century, businesses started customizing keychains with their name and logo for promotions. People started gifting keychains, like photo frames, monograms, etc., to their family and friends. The trend caught on. We then entered the digital age, and new marketing methods came. Soon, a few myths started circulating in the industry. The blog will bust these misconceptions about custom keychains. If you are a marketer or an individual, it will help remove a few myths. Let us start.

  1. Custom keychains are dead: In this modern world where digital marketing and promotional activities rule, most marketers think that customizing keychains is not worth the effort. They come up with self-biased ideas. They used these methods in the 90s, but they are not effective anymore. But hang on. Much prominent market research by top companies suggests otherwise. They found that custom keychains for promotions are worthwhile because they are tangible; people can touch, feel, and use them in their lives. Thus, they form a connection with the user. It helps to ingrain the brand name in their subconscious. Custom keychains with logos are among the most effective handouts and corporate gifts to keep customers, acquire new leads, and form connections. The best part: they help to distinguish your business from the clutter and keep your brand ahead. The same goes for individuals who are looking for gifts. They are a time-tested item. Rather than giving a useless thing, you can always go with them. They are suitable for various occasions, like Valentine’s, Christmas, birthdays, travel gifts, etc.
  2. Custom keychains are cheap: It is another common myth they use to disregard their usefulness. It perpetuates the idea that they are small and cost less than other items, like promotional t-shirts, caps, etc. It might be a good or bad thing from your perspective and situation. For example, if you are a startup or a small business with less money to spend on promotions, it is the item for you. At the price of one t-shirt, you can customize 4-5 high-quality keychains, thus reaching more people. They are also suitable for events that need mass promotional items, like tradeshows, awareness events, etc. And, if you think they are not valuable for high-valued clients, think again. Metallic keychains with premium packaging make more impression than giving expensive items; people are intelligent and can see that you are trying too much.
  3. Custom keychains are expensive: The myth comes from yesteryears and other industries. There was a time when customizing keychains was expensive because the manufacturing processes were not as advanced and efficient. Also, people assumed that since customizing other items is costly, they would be too. But it is not the case anymore. Today, it is possible to make high-quality keychains with various materials, styles, usage, etc., with little money. In addition, you can also connect with a reliable manufacturer, like EverLighten, that provides various options in every budget range and order a much larger batch to bring down the price per unit.
  4. Custom keychains are boring: It might be one of the hilarious myths that are far from the truth. Today, keychains are available in much more styles and materials than other products. For example, imagine you want to customize t-shirts for brand awareness or corporate gifts. How many materials, colors, and styles can you try? You would choose from a few popular fabrics, like cotton, polyester, etc., with your logo and brand colors. You can try other materials, but that will cost more and not provide the ROIs you want. On the other side, you can choose from 100s of keychains in various sizes, materials, uses, etc. If you want to grab attention, go with novelty keychains, like flashlights, mobile stands, etc. And not to mention the all-time classics like metals, wood, leather, etc. There is one for every organization and occasion.
  5. Finding manufacturers is difficult: Nope! Finding the right partner per your needs is challenging. You can close your eyes and point to a place on a world map, and you can find a custom keychain manufacturer in that place. There is no shortage of suppliers. There are too many, and it is the reason for confusion. People go into the analysis paralysis mode and latch onto the first one they find. But, if you take only a few minutes to read their reviews and testimonials on independent apps, you can make a better decision. Keychains might be small but require expertise and experience to customize per your brand and occasion. Otherwise, you can go with any supplier and slap your logo on any stock keychain.
  6. The big the printing area, the better it is: Most marketers think the keychains might not do well as promotional items because they are insignificant items with little imprint space. It is a misconception, and products with a massive print area might not be helpful for every occasion. For example, many people do not want to turn themselves into a walking billboard for a company they barely know by wearing their t-shirts or caps. Here, custom keychains score way more because they are subtle and do not scream attention. Their marketing power lies in their usefulness and durability. They enable brands to sneak in their message without going overboard with marketing tones.

Over to you:

Custom keychains are time-tested items for promotions, awareness, and gifts. Maybe in the future, we do not need them. But that time is not now. We hope the blog provided some insights to rid of a few misconceptions. When you are ready to order, connect with a reliable manufacturer. EverLighten has helped startups, corporations, nonprofits, restaurants, realtors, comic cons, etc., for nineteen years. 

The South Texas Comic Con is one of the gigantic events that attract thousands of fans from all over the country. They wanted to promote the event with custom keychains but could not find a supplier per the quality they wanted. Digging the reviews and testimonials over social media and review apps, they contacted EverLighten. They customized the keychains with 100% satisfaction, and the event was a success; fans loved them.

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