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6 Top free vCard Creator Software and Online Tools for PC

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vCard, also known as Virtual Contact File (VCF), is a usual contact file format to interchange contact information. A Virtual Contact File can consist of details such as name, email, website, address, phone, logo image, work profile, social media links, photos, and much more. So, if you wish to generate a vCard file, you require an exclusive application designed mainly for this purpose. In this comprehensive tutorial, you will learn about various free software and online tools through which you can create VCF files. These are extremely easy to use and need a few steps to generate a vCard file.

Below is the list of the amazing free VCF file creator Software and online tools.

  • vCard Editor
  • vCard Generator
  • Contacts
  • Smart vCard
  • vCard Maker

vCard Editor

A vCard Editor is a software that permits users to edit their vCard file on a PC for free. It is a smartphone app that users can install and use on the go. After installing the app, tap on the Open icon and import the source vCard file. Then, you can tap on the field and view and change its value per your requirement. When completed, hit the Save icon to save updates in the opened vCard file.

Users can also include more fields to the property in the VCF file. For this, you must right-tap the property name in the Properties tab. After this, you should choose a new property you wish to include in the group.

vCard Generator App

 vCard generator app is a free VCF file creator application for Windows 10/11. It allows users to create contact files in just a few steps. Users can download it via Microsoft Store and then launch it. Now, you will see all types of contact fields that you have to fill on the home screen. Then, you need to input important details such as Company, Name, Phone Business, Job Title, Address, Fax, Phone Number, Email, Website, and others. Once you provide all the information, you have to tap on the Save File icon visible on the top left-hand side of its GUI. You can also write the filename and hit the Save tab to send the vCard file.

The best thing about the vCard generator is that it allows you to generate QR vCards. The app is accessible on the Microsoft Store. So, you can easily download and use it.

Contacts: a free software

Contacts is a free VCF file creator software for users to generate vCard contact files. It allows users to create VCF files in version 3 format. Users can also import their existing VCF files and revise them accordingly. It is a lightweight and user-friendly software.

To use Contacts, install it on your device and then open the app. You will see different contact information fields on the main interface. Just provide the information of the contact you need to generate, including full name, contact number, email address, country, state, city, date of birth, zip code, and others. After providing the details, you have to tap on the Add button to generate the contact and include it in the list.

 Also, you can generate more contacts, which will be included in the left-hand side panel. You can save the vCard file by tapping on the File icon and selecting the Export All option.

Smart vCard

Smart vCard is another free online VCF file creator. This web service permits users to create beautiful and responsive vCards and HTML-based virtual business cards. Users can share the contacts or arrange them on their domains. Also, users can share contact information by a URL or Barcode. It is one of the best vCard tools with some amazing functions.

To begin, you must visit the website and press the Create your own button. Then, you should input image attachments like the profile picture and brand logo. Now, begin providing the vCard details, including full name, gender, business name, job title, business description, business address, etc. After that, you can add more fields to your VCF file as per your needs. These details can be an email address, contact number, locations, and more. You can also add secondary details like Twitter, Vimeo, Discord, Snapchat, Facebook, and other social media URLs.

Also, you can insert text, media, embed code, product information, and others. As you include information, you can see its preview in the devoted section. After submitting all the required information, you have to hit the Save Contact button to transfer the contact details to a vCard file.

vCard Maker

vCard Maker is an online VCF file creator tool. It enables you to quickly generate vCard contact files online without any effort.

To use vCard Maker, visit its official website and scroll down the page. You will view different empty contact fields. Just input the contact information you wish to generate. You can include contact details such as full name, nickname, Title, Organization, Role, Work URL, Home Phone, Work Email, Home Address, Images, date of birth, Social media Profile URLs, and more.


ZAPPED is an online vCard maker tool that enables users to make VCF files online. It allows you to generate elaborative and responsive vCards with lots of contact information. To utilize this web service, you have to create an account on its official website. After this, press the Generate vCard button and generate your own VCF files without hassle.


You first have to input the link, contact name, and description, and then hit the Create icon. It will then offer you many other fields to input contact details. It permits you to choose the desired VCF file theme. Also, you can input information such as favicons, logo image, name, background, job title, company, birthday, and more.

If you wish to add other customized fields, tap on the Blocks > Add block icon and then choose a field and input the respective information. When done, hit the Update button to secure the VCF file. Users can share the file online or save it in vCard format.


 vCard is utilized as the data exchange format in mobile contacts, personal information managers (PIMs), personal digital assistants (PDAs), and customer relationship management (CRMs). To achieve these data exchange applications, other VCF variants have been utilized and presented as Variant standards, each for its particular niche: JSON representation, XML representation, or web pages. To learn more about vCard, you can walk through the above-detailed article.          




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