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Yoga might seem like the furthest thing from throwing some iron around in the weight room. However, even the most intense bodybuilders can find value in the practice. Yoga has been around for thousands of years, and it is one of the most popular forms of exercise in the country. It’s an excellent way for bodybuilders to stay healthy and fit in new ways.

Yoga can help you build muscle strength without lifting weights or straining your joints, and it can help you improve overall performance and overcome injuries. Pull on your bodybuilding apparel and get ready to stretch and move in new but beneficial ways.

Improved Flexibility

By stretching and strengthening your muscles and tendons, yoga can improve your flexibility in critical areas that are often tight from regular lifting. This includes your shoulders, hips, hamstrings, and chest. Practicing yoga and improving your flexibility can help prevent injuries which can keep you out of the gym for days, if not weeks, in some cases.

Improved Oxygen Circulation

Yoga can also help improve your circulation by increasing blood flow throughout your body. Improving oxygen flow to your heart and brain can help prevent a variety of common ailments. Plus, with a stronger heart, you can pump more blood with less effort, which might be the key to unlocking those insane pumps. Whether you mix cardio into your routine or you just want to feel more effective in the gym, this is a perk all lifters need.

Increase Muscle Mass

Do you want to look amazing in your weightlifting clothes? Yoga can help by increasing your muscle mass. Practicing yoga can help reduce fat storage, as well. The breathing techniques used while practicing yoga can help increase metabolism and burn calories, helping you get more cut. Plus, yoga works a ton of stabilizer muscles or “hidden” muscles you might not target with traditional movements. Become an all-around stronger, more muscular athlete with yoga.

Better Physical Fitness

You can also use yoga to help build strength and flexibility in your entire body. It can help you gain better control over your muscles. As noted, you will practice breathing techniques to help you breathe more intentionally and efficiently. This helps regulate blood pressure and results in a lower resting heart rate. You might also find you have a higher lung capacity. All of these can help you as a bodybuilder.

Improved Balance

You strengthen your calves and ankles when doing poses like warrior II, plank, and downward-facing dog. The poses can also help lengthen your back muscles, which can be short from regular lifting. All of this serves to improve your balance.

Better Posture

Better posture will make you look even better in your bodybuilding clothing. Practicing yoga regularly and holding poses for extended periods can help strengthen your muscles and improve posture. Good posture can help you with muscle imbalances while relieving neck, shoulder, and back tension.

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