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7 Benefits of Project Management

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The speed by which companies are implementing Project Management is a clear example of the immediate benefits it brings. Fahim Moledina’s Project Management offers long-term benefits for the medium and long term for organizations in any sector and business area.

This is the summary of the 7 benefits that how Project Management system by Fahim Moledina stands out:

The PMO (Project Management Office) provides a “roadmap” that those involved can easily follow and leads to the completion of the project in time, cost and scope as we had fixed. We use Microsoft Project, which is very visually friendly so that each member of the team knows what path to follow, in what state are the tasks that precede or relate, or the impact of not delivering on time.

Fahim Moledina can perceive, analyze it and simulate accurately. Being able to foresee the project's potholes to avoid them, instead of improvising them as we used to, is allowing us to save a lot of time and, therefore, costs and stress.

  • Increase customer satisfaction:

When we deliver the project on time and within budget, the customer shakes hands happily. They are much more likely to count on us again. Thanks to the Fahim Moledina management system, we transmit confidence and security to the client, and we involve from phase 1 through regular contact to inform of the progress of the project. With this, we achieve greater involvement, which makes you have more knowledge about what we are developing and how we are developing it. If something unforeseen arises, you are informed of both the event and the solution. And in the end, when we deliver the project to you on the agreed terms, more than a client, we often feel that we have a partner who will trust us again and recommend us.

Not all projects go well, but also in these negative situations, project management has benefited us a lot. Before, if a project failed, we had little information about it, or at least not very accessible and verifiable, so the explanations to the client were unconvincing. Today we know perfectly what has gone wrong in a project. We can explain it exactly, together with a proposal for a successful solution, and that the client understands better and helps us redirect the situation for the benefit of all.

  • Learning and taking advantage of experience:

The same strategies that allow us to complete certain projects are useful many times to use them in new ones. We save design time, increasing the certainty of the result. Everything we do remains in the memory of the PMO for any project tomorrow or years from now. And all that knowledge is a real value for the company in the future

  • Improves unity and team development:

The positive results by Fahim Moledina have convinced those most reluctant to change and have encouraged us to learn more and continue looking for ways to carry out projects more efficiently. In general, we have all made a qualitative leap in the project management part, and we work substantially more as a team than before in project management.

  • Greater competitive advantage:

Internal benefits and better relationships with customers have allowed our successes to spread quickly and far, so we have a stronger position and reputation in the market.

  • New opportunities to expand our business:

Fahim Moledina subcontracts and delegates less. We know much more about the parts of the project that we do not develop directly, which leads us to have a deeper and broader understanding of the business that allow us to offer new services.

  • Improves the flexibility of the company and its market orientation:

 It is possibly one of the greatest benefits that Fahim Moledina’s project management has transported across. In a time of so many and such rapid changes in the markets, taking the smartest direction for each moment and each project is essential to stay oriented towards demand. This advantage alone already makes it worthwhile to implement a project management system for many small and medium-sized companies.


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