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Parents, how frustrating is it when your child heads off to school and returns home missing an important item (or items!) they need for class the next day? Whether it be something as small as an eraser or as big as their backpack, these things “mysteriously” disappear quite often while they’re out of the house and are never seen or heard from again.

While we can’t be with our kids every second during their school day, monitoring their every belonging for them, we can still help prevent such occurrences in other ways. One great way of doing so is tacking on personalized labels for school on all their supplies.

You may be wondering what could labels possibly do for you and your child? Are they really necessary? Well, we sure think so. In order to convince you, we have compiled a list of seven benefits of using personalized labels for school supplies.

1.Decreased Number of Lost Items (and Added Expenses)
As aforementioned, these labels can help greatly decrease the number of lost items as your child will see them and remember them or another student or teacher will find it and know to whom it belongs. By having less lost items, you are saving you and your family undesirable headaches– and saving plenty of money by not continuously purchasing replacement items, too!

2.Gentle Reminders for Your Child to Remember Their Items
When you aren’t physically with your child, you can’t gently and kindly remind them to grab their pencil case or notebook from their cubby or desk. These labels can efficiently act in your stead, gently reminding them to pick up their item and not forget it.

3.Promote Accountability and Future Autonomy
Accountability is one of the most important traits an adult can have, but the same goes for a child as well. Learning how to hold oneself accountable early on in life is key for a successful, autonomous adulthood. By adding these labels onto their belongings, you are healthily promoting their self-accountability.

4.Promote Individual Responsibility
Alongside their accountability, you are also promoting responsibility overall! When placing these labels on their items, you are essentially claiming, “I am not with you throughout the day and can’t watch your things. Now that your name is on them, they are your responsibility to take care of.” Your child will recognize it and likely take pride in having something that they are solely responsible for!

5.Get Your Child Excited for School!
Sometimes, it can be difficult to conjure excitement for another school day. When you use personalized labels on their school supplies that entail their favorite colors, animals, or other such characters, they’ll be more inclined and even excited to use them– and happily head to school to do so!

6.Won’t Get Mixed Up with Other Students’ Belongings (In School and At Home!)
We all know the chaotic scenes that can ensue when everyone is headed out the door either at home or at school. A whole lot of ruckus– and a whole lot of things to keep your eye on and scoop up. When you tack these key organizational tools on all their school items (and others, like jackets and shoes!), you’ll greatly decrease the number of mix-ups in school and at home!

7.Easier to Locate Items Amongst the Hubbub
Wherever and whenever there is a lot of external stimuli, whether it be in the classroom, on the bus, or scrambling to get to school in the morning, easily locating necessary items is essential for your child. That’s just what these labels can do for them– quickly catch their eye and ensure the items get home safely with them.

While we do agree that personalized labels for school boast numerous benefits for you and your family, we also know it is especially difficult to locate truly reliable ones. That’s where Sticky Monkey Labels comes in to save the day. They have highly-durable School Label Packs along with Clothing Labels, Shoe Labels, and many more!

Their personalized name labels and other organizational tools are second to none, and they are waterproof, dishwasher safe, and can’t be removed unless you specifically attempt to! Plus, they’re exceptionally low cost. Trust us: both you and your child will love them!

For more information about Kids Name Labels and Camp Clothing Labels Please visit: Sticky Monkey Labels.



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